Hospital Rerun (episode #2)

Mom and I made a trip to the ER on Thursday night. 

She had another fall, and needed a few staples in her head to seal up the small gash she sustained when she hit the bed frame.   Here's a picture of the staples for the science teacher/almost-sister, the sister-in-law nurse, and any others who care to peek.

Mom also received some X-rays to rule out any breaks.  Astonishingly, the X-rays were fine, so they released her.  

Even though there are no broken bones, Mom's right leg is causing her considerable pain when she tries to walk.  The ER doc suspects Mom pulled a ligament or strained some muscles, maybe both.  She is on pain reliever through the weekend (of course it's a weekend), and then we see the wonderful Dr. R. on Monday.

Mom was alone when she fell in the center part of their room at the ALF.  The pull cords are in various places on the walls, so weren't helpful, because she couldn't get up to get to them.   She didn't know she was bleeding until she saw blood on the carpet.

Practical woman that she is, Mom scooted to an end table to grab the Puffs and some reading material.  She finagled herself to sit up against the bed frame and applied pressure to the wound.

Then, she read a bit.  Dad was at a meeting, but not due home for awhile.

Two hours later - holey moley - he arrived to see Mom on the floor, and called me. 

When the medics arrived, Mom told them the only thing that bothered her was her backside, from sitting on the floor so long.   

Me, oh my.  It could have been much worse.  More blood, broken bones, head trauma.  Not enough Puffs.  Nothing to read. 

Mom now wears a necklace with a button to push in case she's ever in trouble again when she's alone.  

We're still working out the bugs on this one.

In the meantime, the Ballpark coordinated a mattress swap with the folks.  Mom needs a shorter mattress, which we have, so we did a little switcheroo.

How great to be only a mile away.

Happy Sunday!

Hope you don't have to move any mattresses, or get staples in your head.

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Anonymous said...

I've never been accused of having staples in my head. Marbles maybe, but never staples.