Closing Out May 2011

The last day of May is almost gone.  In half an hour, it will be June.

I have some fun and touching photographs from May that didn't get squeezed into any blog post, so I'm posting them now.   Random, but valuable, moments.    They don't have a long story with them, just a line or two.

Reminders that life can be remarkable. 

     ~             ~              ~             ~              ~
The final launch of the shuttle Endeavor occurred in May, leaving behind its last, beautiful plume. 

Interested residents at Southland were wheeled outside for a view.

They guy on the far left in the yellow shirt loves chocolate.  Just a little factoid. 

When Mom arrived home from the skilled nursing facility, she found some flowers from her sweetheart.

She was happy to admire them from her glider, wearing her favorite slippers.  

I think Rudolph and his brother are the coziest things I've ever seen.

The next morning, Mom went to Mass, and she and Dad got to sit side-by-side again...after three long months.

It's a little tacky to take pictures in church, so I persuaded my husband to sneak over and do it.   Mass hadn't started yet, so we were OK.  I cropped out all the disapproving faces.  

Yesterday, there was a cookout at Southland.  We took several pictures, but in every shot, Dad's mouth was busy eating.  This was the best of the batch.

Not the most flattering picture of my father, but you can't say it doesn't look like him. 

One of my favorite pictures this month was from my trip to New Jersey.  Two Salesian sisters were taking an after-dinner stroll in a light drizzle. 

The blooming trees, the wrought-iron bench, the stone cottage, the pinwheel umbrellas, the sweet sisters.  It's just charming.   

My brother was here the end of April, but I'm including this picture in May because I just ran across it again and realized I never shared it with the world.  We skipped out late one night for some soft serve ice cream.

I believe it was after our wine. 

Yes, I'm in my pink, fluffy robe.   This is the kind of loony stuff I do when my brother, the ex-clown, comes to town.

Hope you enjoyed this fine production from the ballpark.

See you next month!


Anonymous said...

I noticed dad had on his USS New York shirt at the cookout. With that scowl, he must have been one tough sailor.

Sweetest picture was the one with ice cream.

Anonymous said...

I think the best pic is the one of the seniors watching the shuttle launch. I went over at the last minute to see if Pops wanted to watch, and as we walked out front, a little parade of walkers and wheelchairs followed. Pretty soon, we had ourselves a grand tailgate party!!!