Somewhere Out There...

Currently, both Mom and Dad are in medical facilities.  One block apart.  

Both are stable.  Both are antsy to get on to the next thing.  

Dad wants to get home; Mom wants to get on with her broken arm surgery.

So far, all of Dad's tests are coming up negative for new stroke activity, so he might be released tomorrow or the next day.  If he gets out tomorrow, he'll make Bingo tomorrow night. 

Mom's surgery might be in two weeks, but no final word yet.  

I saw them both today, and their first question was, how is the other one? 

So I took pictures of each of them waving to the other and will give them each a picture when I see them tomorrow.  


Until tomorrow, they're together again on my dining room table...

If they could get to their windows, they could gaze at the same moon.

I feel a Disney song coming on, so I'll close.  

Be grateful if you're with your loved one tonight. 


Anonymous said...

look! he can raise his left arm! a good sign! and a precious picture of both of them. thanks, mama.

Anonymous said...

I delivered her photo to him - looked her over top to bottom, then set it down so she could watch over him......