A New Wrinkle

Two nights ago, Dad's heart went into atrial fibrillation.  It lasted a few hours, but Dad had no other symptoms.  He awoke only when the nurses came in to ask him if he was OK.  

His heart readjusted on its own, and a normal sinus rhythm returned without intervention.  (I'm learning nurse talk.)

However, due to this event, Dad is now back under his cardiologist's authority, as far as being released from the hospital.  Dad will be in for two more days for testing and some new meds.

Yesterday, while Dad and I waited on his cardiologist, we got an unusual, 130 pound visitor named Carson...

Dad actually looks small compared to this Great Dane. 

Carson is part of the animal visitation program at the hospital. 

His ears are higher than his handler's waist.   Massive, but gentle, beast.

Dad is also fighting some bladder issues and has been training himself to eat yogurt for the healthy bacteria.  

He's never cared for yogurt, but he's a trooper, determined to eat a serving a day.  

He's thrilled about it, as you can see here...

Not exactly his "I'm eating a brownie" face.

Back at the ranch rehab, Mom is waiting on the results of a chest X-ray to see if surgery can proceed.  She's doing well walking with her hemi-walker, and OT is strengthening her good arm.  

The folks miss each other. 

I'm going to see if I can get permission to take Mom over for a visit with Dad.  

This is how close they are....

Mom is in the closest building (with the flag), Dad is at the hospital in the background.  I've been parking at rehab to visit Mom and then walking over to see Dad. 

The weather has been beautiful this week, and I pray as I walk, for peace for the folks, and for all their nurses and doctors.   In these two buildings alone, there are thousands of health care workers.  

I'm getting ready to head over to see the folks now, taking Mom new PJs and some Butt Paste; Dad appreciates printed, new emails and anything chocolate. 

I wonder what the surprises of today will be.

love to all,

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Anonymous said...

looks like a modification of proverbs 19:21 to me... mama.