For the LOVE of His PEEPS

When I was a youngin, Easter was about patent leather shoes, a new dress with some pink in it, the fragrance of the Easter Lily my father always purchased, and cookie tins stuffed with plastic grass, chocolates, and jelly beans. (My favorite treats were the malted milk Robin's eggs.) 

Oh, and going to Mass as a family.  Get to Mass, then hunt for the Easter baskets.  And eat myself silly on sweets the rest of the day.

What a holiday.   New clothes, flowers, and sugar, with some obligatory prayers in the middle.

As a young Mom, I occasionally did the new clothes thing for my youngins too.

Here's a shot from Easter 1989...our youngest, in his new shirt and vest, which has chocolate on it already.  The Redskins hat just had to be part of this dapper ensemble. 

I like the Easter/new clothes connection.  Christ makes all things new, so as He offers new life to all of us, we don new garments, the symbol of a new creation.  Very nice.

The fragrance of Easter fills my home again this year, because Dad bought a Lily for Mom just before her surgery, and it ended up at my house.  There are currently five blooms, and two swelling buds about to open.

I love the Easter/Lily connection.  New growth, pristine blooms, divine fragrance, an exquisite flower only God can create.  Beauty rising up from the cold, dark earth.   

The Easter/Jelly Bean-Peeps connection?   No rhyme or reason to that one.   Just candy-makers having to sell something between Valentine's Day and Halloween.  Which is OK with me.  I still like those Robin's eggs.

This year, we received a BEE-U-TEE-FUL Easter card from our daughter, the almost-nun, in the mail.  And the Easter/Peeps connection made all of us smile.

HA!  Love it, love it.

Jesus and his Peeps.

Jesus, with his pancake-hair and dash-beard.  And two Peeps, one that appears to have a black eye.

Life is rough. 

Good Friday was certainly brutal.  And sad beyond words.  Jesus looked like this...

A horrible day.

But today, He is risen...

Look at those outstretched, resurrection arms.  He's up from the dirt, just like the Lily.

Overpowering the tomb and death and darkness.


Bringing new life to everyone.  All His Peeps, wherever they are.

These Peeps could be the Father and the Holy Spirit, making this the Trinity.  

They could be deceased loved ones...grandma and grandpa...

...or my brother, Greg, and my friend, Kim.

They could be you and me.

Easter is my favorite holiday.   It doesn't have the chaos of Christmas, or the work of Thanksgiving.

For the greatest miracle in human history, it doesn't get much attention, really.   Which is unfortunate, because it offers the very thing humankind needs most.    

Forgiveness and healing.  Redemption.  A second chance.  Emergence from the dirt, unsullied and strong.

Thank you, sweet daughter, for this precious, homemade card.    

And thank you, Jesus, for deciding your Peeps were worth it.



Anonymous said...

hilarious. that one pink guy's eye must have really blossomed in the mail... though i am still not any good at french knots. the pancake-hair comment had me tearing up with laughter... you're a hoot. glad you liked the card.

peace, happy Easter!

terri said...

Beautiful thoughts about Easter and the Resurrection! Having grown up in the same house, my memories are very similar. I always loved the
watching the lily open.
And thanks, Sara, for Jesus and his peeps. It was on the bar the whole time I was there visiting.

Cindy said...

Mare, You are quite the writer, You say it so well. I really enjoyed reading it. I loved Jesus and the Peeps!! Such rich traditions. Miss you Mare. . .Glad I can "be touched" by you even though you are so far away. Love, Cindy