The Day After

Mom is one day post-op from the repair of her right proximal humerus.

Here's a final shot of that not-so-funny bone on its last night out of joint.   

My sister flew in from tornado-ridden Raleigh last week to enjoy some Florida sunshine.

She and I took Mom to the hospital early yesterday morning.  We organized her belongings, while she watched every gory detail of her IV insertion...

Worried about her sleep apnea, Mom wondered aloud if the doc could do her surgery while she's sitting up.  I told her we'd ask him when he arrived.

An hour later the doc popped in.  He remarked that it was about time "Miss Jane" had arrived for surgery.  He'd been waiting a month to get that shoulder straightened out.

I told him Mom, who was dozing a bit by this point due to the relaxation meds, wondered if he could work on her sitting up.

He replied,  "Actually, when operating, I prefer to stand."   A funny guy from Tennessee.  

Once they wheeled Mom away, my sister worked on her Bible study...

...while I watched some news on the big screen TV and kept my eye on the status screen.  Mom was number 658122.

For about three hours, her status was "Procedure." 

After I had some hot chocolate, some hot tea, a bagel, some nut mix, and made three trips to the restroom, the humorous humerus doc appeared in his blue scrubs.

"Everything went well," he said.

No respiratory issues, no heart issues.  Due to Mom's osteoporosis, her bone needed a little "packing" with some calcium chips to give it some strength.  He mentioned this casually as if it was like stuffing a sock with Styrofoam peanuts.

This morning Mom's hemoblogin hgb was 7.1, so she received a pint of blood, and may receive more.  Otherwise, she is doing great.

When we arrived to see her today, she was eating lunch and sipping tea.  

And sporting more medical bracelets than I've ever seen...

I think there's a forearm in there somewhere.

After lunch, she took a little stroll in some fancy gray socks.  

The rest of us took turns taking pictures in the waiting room. 

We were very happy.

If Mom's hgb rises and stabilizes, she might return to rehab tomorrow.  Or the next day.

Mom sends her most sincere, heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been praying for her and sending her love and good wishes.

She is very happy. 

Happy doc, happy patient, happy family, happy day.

Good night...

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