FROM ASHES to REHAB (part 2)

Two weeks ago tomorrow, Mom fell and ended up in the ER.

The weekend before that, she was also in the ER, for an infected finger.   

We're getting to feel pretty much at home in the hospital.  

I finally know where all the vending machines and restrooms are.  

And, yesterday, a nurse let me take a picture of her face because she had a perfect ash cross (Lent) on her forehead.  I'd post it, but I can't get it out of my phone.  

Anyhoo...a good day for Mom.  Her hemogoblin HG is 9.9, which is the best it's been since she was admitted.  Good news, indeed.

The GI doc stopped in and told us he's not sure Mom is losing red blood cells, so much as not producing them.  A colonoscopy is still needed, but after Mom is better.  Rehab will facilitate healing, and the wonderful Dr. R. will probably determine when "better" is.  

One more test was to be done today -  an ultrasound on Mom's legs (which are a bit swollen) - to rule out blood clots.  If that is clear, and most people think it will be, Mom will get her marching orders to rehab. 

We'll probably celebrate with several Milky Way bars. 

Here's Mom getting pumped up for the work ahead...

Here she is with her favorite sidekick...

He brought her a piece of cake today, which she wasn't interested in.  

If it's still there tomorrow, Dad and I might have to scarf it up.  We wouldn't want to have to carry that to rehab.  

Love to all who are following Mom's adventure.

Toodeloo for now... 


The Man with the Plan said...

I'm amazed that Pops didn't gobble up that cake after it sat there for a while :)

The Man with the Plan said...

Zach btw

marezdoats said...

Me too. :-) I'm "following" your blog. A new post soon?