Happy birthday to Sherry!
who on Halloween is quite scary
She carries a pot
with a shrunken head -  WHAT?!

She's loveable though - don't be wary

Sherry's achievements - immense!
Pan Am, Health First, First Defense
She can draw your blood      
while eyeing a stud
You won't even feel it or wince          

She's also trained in massage
for money, a hug, a corsage
She nurtures and heals,
much better you'll feel
You'll offer to clean her garage                 

Sherry so LOVES to dance    
much more than potting plants
She's a FUN party girl,
she'll you give a whirl
She'll never stop, not a chance

Sherry is the BEST of friends             
She shares her heart, and her pens
She's genuine and true,
happy or blue
With her on your side, you will win

I'm so glad I know Sherry P.
She's God's awesome gift to me
We laugh and we pray,
we go day by day...
until in heaven we'll be.

The End.  

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terri said...

Awww... nice and it sounds JUST like Sherry!