There is a FUN woman named Terri
who married a Joe – not a Larry
She tutors and reaches
each child that she teaches
in her cozy village of Cary

Terri works puzzles and quilts,
which she does ‘til her fingers get wilts
She tutors, makes cards 
Her chocolate, she guards
She's never walked on high stilts

Ter has four sons who are cool
and daughter-in-laws who are jewels
Three grand kids - the BEST!
She's so very blessed
She has no need for a mule 

Ter has a sister named Mare
who visits when weather is fair

They pitch with much glee!
and laugh ‘til they pee
Their husbands?  
They just go upstairs

Ter’s favorite movie is “Sense”
The drama! The story’s intense!
We cry every time,
it’s oh, so sublime
A chick flick – not one for the gents

Ter loves the beach with the Pratts
They like yellow shirts...but no hats
They eat and they swim 
For a week, skip the gym
I don't think they take any cats

Ter will help anyone out
That's what her heart is about
She loves a good book,
does not like to cook
but she'll do it, with mostly no pout

Ter – Happy birthday to you!
I hope you don't have to make stew
Sleep in, soak your feet
Don’t play in the street
Enjoy whatever you do!

The end. 

1 comment:

terri said...

Mare! This is GREAT! I love it!
Thanks, your are MY best friend, too