At Robert E. Peary we met
We didn't know anyone yet
We shared the name Baker
It was a bond-maker
That, and our time with the Vet             

We both were new kids on the block
who shared a locker and lock
We grew to be buds,
who surveyed the studs,
but then sought a more divine flock

We loved choir and Mr. Peerless
when singing for him, we were fearless
We had our own "Glee"
before the TV
We were good kids, drug-and beer-less

We dated Alan and Bob,
and endured many a sob
We talked on the phone
'til our parents would moan
and say, "You girls need a job."

We studied, and giggled, and prayed
for lives that would be heaven-made
Brian, our teacher,
is now a famed preacher
We knew him before he was paid

Author, songwriter, and pastor Brian McLaren

At 18, our paths deviated
life became more complicated
Alan was done
Dave was the one
Weddings and kids were created....

Years went by without chit-chat
Christmas cards shared this and that     
We were miles apart,
but still fond of heart
If closer, I'd buy you a hat                      

Dear Laura, today is your day!
Do what you want - work, or play
I'm glad for our friendship
- just don't break a hip     
I'm sending God's blessings your way!
Laura today with Dave and grand kids
UPDATE: several more grand kids have joined the clan since this photo was taken. :-)

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Unknown said...

Oh Mare!! You made me cry! Love you, girl - so glad to have you as my dear friend for soooo (so so soooo) many years now! Blessings to you and Bob & your family - 60 is looking pretty fine, I'd say!