A birthday today for Bob!
who (I'm grateful) is never a slob
He gardens and mows
and then rests his toes
He's handy replacing a knob


Bob served the Air Force for years,    
earned much respect from his peers 

He's now at the Depot
where everyone does go
to pick up their gardening shears

          Bob loves brownies and football,         
hates when refs make a bad call
He still likes the Skins,
even when they don't win
He just goes to bed, sad for all


Bob works hard every day
When off, screen games he'll play
       Angry old birds,
and friends who make words
He hates that high scores don't just stay

  Bob has most of his hair,          
looks sharp in his L.L. Bean wear

He's helpful and kind
he has a good mind,
when he's not asleep in his chair

Today Bob's a year older
The weather, he always wants colder
He’s loyal and witty
and hates the big city,
For hugs...he has a great shoulder

The end.  

(Happy, blessed day, buddy!)

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S. said...

ha ha ha ha !! good work, mama.