A Special Book Review: "Kissed by an Angel"

I'm thinking of a dear blogger friend this week named Robyn Campbell. She has a special needs son named Christopher.

Robyn is a writer of children's books; Christopher is her inspiration.

The two come together in a precious book called "Kissed by an Angel."
Christopher has Sturge-Weber syndrome. Robyn has "we'll-not-be-defeated-by-this-challenge" syndrome. Sturge-Weber is characterized by a congenital facial birthmark and neurological abnormalities. "We'll-not-be-defeated-by-this-challenge" is characterized by eyes that see purely and a heart that loves as God loves.

Robyn is a warrior for research on this disease and found one way to bring awareness to the subject by compiling ten short stories and one poem (all written by friends) for this children's book. I read it in an afternoon, one adventure after another. The protagonists (all kids) of these short stories exhibit special gifts, traits that enable them to solve mysteries or see magically.

There are tales of time travel, and one story about a sneaky millipede. "The Captain's Call" is about friendship and bravery and sacrifice. I think it's my favorite. Unless it's "The Flying Fish Mystery" about a missing painting and how a pastrami sandwich offers telling clues. Then, again, I loved "Grandpa and Loor" because of its unique and magical take on the relationship between a girl and her grandfather.

These are great bedtime stories. Or day time stories. Read aloud tales, or read-on-a-road-trip tales. All the young heroes take risks, and do so bravely. Children with Sturge-Weber syndrome (and other disabilities) take risks too, and that's why this is such a touching book. Families who deal with Sturge-Weber must be open to procedures and medications that are sometimes cutting edge, but can be frightening as well. In the search for a cure, there are risks to be taken. There are hugs to be given and tears to be kissed away.

If you know a youngster ages 8-12, please purchase a copy of this anthology - it's under six dollars. If you have no youngsters in your life, buy a copy or two for your local elementary school library. I'm telling you, these are great stories for kids. All proceeds from this compilation go to the Sturge-Weber Foundation.


If you'd rather simply make a donation to the Sturge-Weber Foundation, you can do that here. STURGE-WEBER FOUNDATION. 

I had never heard of this disease until I met Robyn. This cause has stayed with me because seizures usually accompany Sturge-Weber, and my brother Greg had seizures, due to epilepsy. It is a unceasingly worrisome problem.

Take just a few minutes and read about Sturge-Weber on the link above.  It will make you grateful for your own healthy children, and I pray it will inspire you to share a bit of what you have towards helping those like Christopher, who is the apple of his mama's eye. Robyn would be forever grateful.



And so would I.


Kenya G. Johnson @ KenyaGJohnson.com said...

I have a soft spot for authors and certainly Christopher's. Consider it ordered! Love the title and this is an excellent write up Mare.

Robyn Campbell said...

Mare, love, love, love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This review is excellent. You really made the anthology shine. Sharing. :-)

Robyn Campbell said...

P.S. thank you Kenya. From the bottom of my heart. And Mare, I told the other authors about this too. :-)

LynNerdKelley said...

What a beautiful post! Thank you for your inspiring words!