A Simple Advent Wreath! If You're Five or 90, This is For You!

(This was originally posted two years ago. It's still works today. )

I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning with a vision of an Advent wreath I had to make.  This has happened a few times in my life, where an idea comes to mind that is crystal clear and urgent.  We all know that phrase, "it dawned on me."  Our daughter says that's how God works - He dawns on us.

My 90-year old Dad has quietly lamented twice this week that he and Mom will not have an Advent wreath this year, because they are in an ALF, and they can't light candles, or have fire in their suite, and they have no room for a circled frame the size of dinner plate covered with live greenery, holding four candles.  They have not had an Advent wreath since they moved to the ALF almost four years ago.

The Advent wreath was a big deal in our house when I was growing up.  Dad, who loves gardening, always made our wreath from a wooden frame and evergreen and ribbons.  Four new tapers were tucked in the greens and anchored in the wood with wires.  He usually poked a few holly berries in the wreath as well.  We lit the appropriate candle every night at dinner and said a special prayer. I can still smell the fragrant evergreen and the melting candle wax. 

Advent candles were on sale after Mass this past weekend.  Dad wanted to know how much they were...then he wheeled on towards the car with our daughter.  He didn't know how he could have a wreath, but he was probably trying to work it out in his head.

This morning, I got up and made this.

I made it from a ring of cardboard and construction paper.  Four cardboard columns and some scrappy leaves.   

I covered the columns in purple and pink paper and glued ovals of black Velcro to the wicks.

 I glued matching Velcro pieces to the backs of four gold stars.  

Then, I snipped leaves from three different shades of green and two shades of brown art foam.  All scraps.  

As the four weeks of Advent unfold, Dad can stick a gold star to a candle to "light" it.  I punched a hole in the top of the wreath for hanging from a Command hook on their wall.

I assumed the folks would want the wreath hung inside their suite, but when I gave it to them today, they wanted it on their front door, so other residents and staff could see it.   I gave Dad a gold star and told him to practice attaching it to a candle wick, as the first candle will be "lit" on Sunday.

With his trembling hand, he pressed the star to a purple candle wick.  Easy as pinning the tail on the donkey.  He got a kick out of the wreath and told Mom, "Janey-baby, I hope we don't lose the other stars."

"I have them right here," Mom assured him, tapping the snack baggie of stars on her sliding pile of paperwork.

I said to Dad, "Do you want to take off this star?  Advent doesn't start until Sunday."

"No, let's leave it," he said.  "I might forget to put it on Sunday.  We'll just start early."

So, advent candlelight is already sparkling in Florida at Brookdale ALF. 

As I was working on the wreath today, I realized a "stick-on star light wreath" might be ideal for young children as well.  It can be hung low enough on the wall for short arms to reach, and no real fire is involved.  Children can help decorate the cardboard ring in any fashion they like.  Weathered, ailing hands, or chubby little fingers, this simple project keeps Advent tangible for all ages.  After Christmas, the wreath can be stored in a large mailing envelope for use next year.

God has some really good ideas, doesn't He?


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Nice, and so easy to make, I like

Christine said...

What a great idea! That can be used by so many people, young and old!