Spring Not-so-break

My husband went back to work yesterday after a week off.

I missed him.

Not that we did anything particular while he was home.  We didn't travel anywhere, or have any heart-to-heart discussions.  One afternoon, we did both doze off watching the food channel, he in the recliner, me on the sofa.

I love those quiet afternoons.  Relaxing together, watching the inside of our eyeballs, Paula Deen whipping up butter in the background.  Sweet.

When we were up, we accomplished quite a bit.  My groom is pretty handy to have around.

Over the week, he washed the cars...

...and blow-dried them with the leaf blower.

I'd never seen such a thing, but I thought it was ingenious. 

He cleaned up and painted the panel under the dishwasher, which had been looking kind of grungy and unfinished since the dishwasher was installed ten years ago.

We hop right on projects around here.

He installed a small vegetable garden in the back yard.   It took an entire morning, hauling boards and dirt, and involved a few trips to Home Depot.

I helped by staying out of the way.

He concocted a pepper spray from hot sauce to douse on the frame to keep the squirrels away.

I hope we remember this is squirrel deterrent and not Oxi-Clean. 

He mowed and seeded our scruffy little lawn, which just produces sticks and leaves at the moment.  I didn't take any pictures of that.  Trust me, it's just sad.

Mid-week, I gave my groom a haircut.

I think he was happy to sit down.

He did play a few games this week.  I'm not naming any names.

He also went to a baseball game with a friend and paid fifty bucks for a hot dog.  Maybe it was fifteen.  Either way, entirely too much for a tube of processed meat product.

Later in the week, my groom cleaned out his dresser and filled a sack for the thrift shop.

I'm always amazed by how many clothes we have, but don't wear.  How does that happen?

Near the end of the week, my groom purchased a flat screen TV, which we had for 24 hours.  It was too big for our small den.  So, we packed up the gaggle of cords and hauled it back to the store to exchange it for the next size down, which is still big enough to make Deen's biscuits the size of hat boxes. 

I've named the TV Flat Stanley.

My groom ran errands this past week as well.  He garnered forgotten items at the grocery store, bought some athletic shoes, picked up a new cable box, accompanied our daughter to the car dealership to pick up a license plate, and spent an afternoon shopping with me, looking for a wall unit to house Flat Stanley.

My groom also took my father to see Act of Valor.  Dad told me later it was excellent, but bloody and violent.  I'm glad I don't have any pictures of that, either.

I don't think my groom could have crammed any more in his week off.  I loved having him around, because he enjoys home projects.  And I usually have a list. 

I make him brownies in return.

Not exactly an even swap, but I did birth his three children.  

Thanks, hard-working groom for all you do at the Ballpark.  This one's for you.

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