Getting a Glimpse

My parents got sick just over a week ago with the Norovirus.  It's a nasty gut bug that kept them in the bathroom for four days.  It's kept them in bed for several days more.

I saw them Wednesday after not seeing them for six days.   Of the 70 or so residents at this ALF, 38 were sick.  The health department had strongly suggested no visitors in the building for a week.

Dad has a lingering headache and a sore stomach.  Mom is down to 100 pounds.  They are eating things like applesauce and soup, and don't really want many other options.  My husband took Dad a cherry Slurpee last night, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

At 88 and 91, it's a slow recovery from a bug that wreaks havoc on your system for a week.   I think my folks are probably both dehydrated, although they tell me they are drinking water.   I never feel like they drink enough. 

The Southland staff has been great and kept me posted on how my folks have weathered the week.

But....it was disconcerting not seeing them for so long.

I usually see them every day, sometimes every other day, if they're busy. 

When I finally saw them, it struck me how vulnerable they are.   When they are well and moving around, they don't seem their ages.   They actually never have.

They've always been outreaching and involved.   They have always been worker bees.   It's part of the Greatest Generation persona: work and contribute until you fall over. 

That's what makes them Great.  

My folks with the future ex-clown and yours truly.  Early 70's.

Sometimes, I have to admit, I feel lazy in comparison.   I'll work half a day, then I need a nap.  Or at least a cup of tea and a cookie.

Us Baby Boomers...I don't know what we are.   We're more like the Good Enough Generation.  We can certainly work hard, but then we have to launch some angry birds, or hit the local Starbucks.

It's just not the same.

Anyhoo....I missed my folks this week.   I got the Christmas stuff packed away and cleaned half the house, but there was a restless void that gave me a glimpse of what life will be like when my parents are gone.

Picture taken this morning.  Apparently at 10:32.

I realized I'm not ready for that.

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