HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE! (a limerick)

It's birthday time for Joe!
who usually goes with the flow
He's laid back and kind
...a reflective mind
He's very happy to mow

Joe has a wife and four boys
For years, his house was all noise...
...the boys are now grown
Joe's house is his own
He now enjoys his own toys...

...iphone and BIG screen TV
If not for work, he'd be FREE
to watch all the games
(he knows all the names)
Oh, how happy he'd be!

The O's, the Terps, and the Skins
They are his beloved friends
Rejoicing is he
when there's VICTOREEE!
It's crushing when there are no wins  :-(

Joe loves the beach in the summer
His siblings come, but no plumber
They laugh and they eat,
they put up their feet
Returning to work is a bummer

Joe was third out of eight  
(None of them are named Kate)
He wants to be "gramps"
to the point of heart cramps
To him, the grand kids are LATE

Joseph, have a great day!
A parade might be on its way
Get a smooch and a snooze...
...maybe some booze
"Love from the Ballpark," we say!

The End


terri said...

Love it, Mare! the photos are GREAT!

Unknown said...

Thanks for crafting your poesy in my honor! Not sure you had a good subject to deal with on this one, but much appreciated! Now, on to the booze, balls and babes (actually, just my one babe: Terri)!...love, joe

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! The subject is a much loved one in this house Joe! Didn't know you had fun with the pen Marianne. Happy birthday Joe. :)
Love, Dawn

Judy said...

This is terrific, Marianne! Judy

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

You are a FINE subject, Joseph! I'm glad you liked it. And I hope you had a beautiful day!
love, mare