February is black history month. 

Which got me thinking about the African-American people in my life.   And I realized something. 

They're not really black

According to the Valspar color chart, my friend Sandra is Cherry Chocolate.  My friend Yvonne is English Tea Party.

Clearly, even within races, people are different colors. 

Within families, too.

Our nephew married a woman from Thailand.  According to Valspar, she's Prairie Dance.  Which suits her.  Fresh and graceful. 

Here she is with our nephew, who I believe is Bread Basket.

Their two-year old is China Moon.  How cute is that? 

I matched up my own offspring.      

In the Valspar palette, our oldest son is March Breeze.  His fiancee is Lilac.  Interestingly, both spring shades.     

Our daughter, who carries mostly our Irish blood, is Pressed Blossoms

When our youngest son (who most strongly carries my Cherokee blood) was a kid, his sister decided he was the color of a hot dog.  

I thought he was more of a graham cracker.  

Turns out...he's Picnic Basket!  When he tans in the summer, he's Cowboy Boots.  

His wife is Edelweiss.   

They'll have beautiful children.

My husband is Desert Travels.  I'm Asiago.  Apparently, sand and cheese produce wind, flowers, and wicker.  Who knew.
We all have a color.  Sometimes, it even changes.  

Look closely... 

This sports card was given to me by our youngest son, who was about ten at the time.  I think it was a birthday gift.

We howled because the head is so fitting, literally.  Also because I've never been viewed as an athlete, and here I am, playing basketball with the Bullets.  HA!!

On my husband's birthday, he got a card too...

It struck me later - a lot later - that our pale heads were on darker bodies.   

It wasn't important for our youngster to match arm skin with face skin.  He needed size to match, and maybe angle.  Color wasn't a factor.

I love that about these cards.

They hang on the refrigerator and often catch the eyes of guests.  Guests don't notice the mismatched body suits either.  They chuckle at the goofy heads on professional athletes. 

It makes me smile.

And gives me hope. 

In God's rainbow, we ALL have a home. 

What color are YOU?    

Click on this link and find yourself: 


Tip: The light from the monitor will prohibit your ability to find a match by holding your hand/arm up to the screen.  Use a hard copy picture to compare complexion to the color blocks. 

PLEASE share your color here, or comment below the facebook link. 
I'd love to know how many colors are represented in my life.  :-)


Gigi said...

Mare, after reading every post I said, "...this one's my favorite." But I really do think this one IS my favorite! How fun to find my color - tea rose! Although I think this color may have been a result of the remnant of a hot flash =D

m. ball said...

HA! I love the names people have been posting.
I'm glad you enjoyed finding your color. I loved working on this post. Seeing so many variations....it's beautiful. Thank you for the kind words. I love writing...I pray God will use it. :-)