Back-to-School Haircut

If you've been checking in at the Ballpark over time, you know we have a chemistry teacher daughter who, for some reason, ends up teaching religion and forensics and math on occasion. She's open to filling whatever slot needs to be filled, so they find her if there's an open slot with no teacher.

This is why teachers need to be paid more.

Anyhoo, when the new school year approaches, our favorite teacher usually gets a hair trim, or full cut, if needed. For the past three years, she's let her hair grow, because she likes to donate her locks to kids who need wigs for various reasons, usually illness. Here's the before shot. Golden, auburny, caramel locks...

And after the first chop...

My husband and I are both dark, so we've never been sure where this reddish hair came from - we're assuming my Irish grandmother, who didn't have red hair either, but did have the light skin our girl has and beautiful blue eyes. Our teacher has green eyes, so it doesn't really fit, but that's all we've got. God has a vast color wheel, that's all I can say.

Here are the squirrel tails on their way to donation.

Cool, huh?

After a bit of shaping, here's the finished look in the sunshine.

Our girl says she feels 5 pounds lighter.  How great it would be if it were that easy - hey, Doc, can you chop 5 pounds off these thighs? Sadly, that's not the way the world works. But, wouldn't it be a magical place if it did?

The sheared locks are going to CHILDREN WITH HAIR LOSS, whose motto is "covering young heads to heal young hearts."  Check it out. Seeing innocent youngins who need hair is a most touching thing. After the political conventions this month, don't we need a sweet sight to remind us of what truly matters?

To all teachers out there who are heading back to school soon - I love ya! Don't forget you are in the most valuable profession on the planet. Nobody learns anything without a teacher being involved. From pre-K to Ph.D., teachers lead the way.  They need more money, they need more support, and they need more school supplies, from crayons to computers. God bless ALL of you!

And God bless the little ones who will receive hair from our Goldilocks.


Michael Ann said...

The new haircut look fab!! And what a good deed :-)

Rita said...

All the hair on my head would make one skinny ground squirrel tail. So thin that I have to use little girls hair bands to tie it back--those ones that are 1/2 inch across--and have to triple wrap or they slide off my hair and fall off. What gorgeous hair and how great of her to donate it.
I feel the same way about teachers. :)