I'm Moving. And I'm Nervous.

I'm getting ready to attempt a scary thing. It involves an arena that intimidates me and, frankly, confuses me. It's a change I have to make, but I'm dragging my feet.

I have to move to a new blog server and get a domain name email address.

See? I hardly even understand what I just wrote. I'm about as technically savvy as a worm. And when it comes to technology, I move about as slow.

I've loved being on blogger, it's a great site for beginner bloggers, which I was in 2010.  Six years later, I have things I want to do I can't do here. This means several not-so-fun transitions will occur:

1.  Formatting a new site. UGH. It took me six years to get this site to work as beautifully as it does. It's like my first little house. I know all the glitches, the cozy spots, and when to clean out the dugout. At the new place, I'll have to place and rearrange the furniture all over again. For a non-tech worm like me, it's kind of exhausting.


2.  Moving readers. If you follow Adventures in the Ballpark now, you'll have to re-subscribe at the new site. It's not hard to do that, you just have to remember to do it. If you read a lot of blogs (as I do), it might slip your mind (as it has mine on occasion) and pretty soon, Adventures is off your radar. I hope you'll follow me to the new site, because I don't want to be over there all alone. 

3.  Losing readers. You might come here looking for the old Adventures, and due to some temporary cyberpsace glitch (they do occur now and then), the link to the new one won't work, and you'll just say, Oh, forget it. I pray you don't fall into a black hole during this transition. I'll tell ya - I'm gonna worry about this.  I don't want anyone flailing around in cyberspace, longing for the Ballpark Brownie recipe and not having access to it, or wondering how my parents (93 and 96) are doing.

4. It will probably be a few weeks before all the kinks are worked out. I could be wrong on this, but I have NEVER known any Internet transition to be without hiccups. Sometimes big ones. Being the pessimist I am, I'm expecting the worst. I'm going to be positive about this and pray God directs the entire thing. Then any mess-up will be His problem.

So....because you guys are my buds, I'm sharing my heart about this move, which feels like I'm ripping out bleeding roots off on a new adventure! This is my summer project. I'd rather be getting a root canal. I'll keep you posted here, or on facebook/twitter as to how the move is going.

If you get my newsletter, I'll keep you updated that way too. (If you don't get it, you can sign-up HERE.)

What are your projects this summer? Probably fun stuff like hanging out at the pool, making Popsicles, and catching up on summer reading.

I'm so jealous.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Of course I will follow you, just let me know where I have to go and I will go because that is how I roll, except if I am rolling down hill then I just roll out of control over bumps and such and end up bloody and sore

Mari said...

Noooo! Not you too! I've had several of the blogs I follow do this in the last few months. Unfortunately several have returned to their old blogs after having troubles. I will follow you though! :)

Rita said...

I've had my blog on blogger since 2006. Have never changed my template choice and have never even figured out how to make a header--so who's less technologically savvy, I say--LOL! I'd be totally lost. But I have seen other bloggers manage to figure things out. Good luck! :)