Ten Things I'm Thankful for This Week


Those big eyes. Those smoochy cheeks. That soft, flyaway hair. That's actually three things.

2. Neither of my parents have been in the hospital this month. Or last month. I cannot tell you how much easier life is when they are both living in the same place. 

3. The batch of organic greens that was delivered to the house this week was particularly good. The kale was fluffy, but not too toughy, cukes were big and smooth, Romaine was sturdy. I can't remember what else we received because it was all good and disappeared quickly. I love having organic produce dropped off at our house every other week. If you'd like that too, and you live in central Florida, check out SPACE GIRL ORGANICS.

4. I'm thankful I finally have enough sheets for all the beds in the house. For years, I've had mismatched, worn sheets. After 40 years of marriage and three youngin's, this is to be expected. Over the past two years, I've slowly restocked the sheets shelf in my linen closet. I now have complete sets and enough sets to spread around. 

5.  My Visa card balance is 0. I'm sure this won't last. 

6.  I had enough leftovers in the 'fridge over the weekend that I didn't have to cook once. I'm going to stretch that into three days by having cereal for dinner tonight.

7.  I happened to see this guy today. 

Mr. Rubio himself stopped by a small local diner not far from my house this afternoon. My son and I got pretty close. I like Marco, even though he will likely not go further after we Floridians vote tomorrow. Maybe he'll just come back to Florida and hang out at the local diner.

8. I love my aqua-fit class. I've been exercising for 30 years and I'm still fighting the same 15 pounds. When I got sick two years ago, I was carrying 20 pounds in addition to that dogged 15. Through aqua-fit, I shed the 20, so I'm really just back to square one, but I have to wonder...what kind of weight would I be carrying had I not begun shaking my booty in the water four days a week? 

9. I'm grateful for cinnamon raisin Ezekiel bread. I've adjusted to the mulch-like consistency, and it satisfies my carb craving. I've really come to enjoy Ezekiel bread. Toasted. With cream cheese.


Oh. I already mentioned him, didn't I?

He's on my mind because I got to babysit the boy this past weekend. I held him and rocked him and sniffed his soft head and sang to him. We had a date. And it didn't cost either of us a dime.



Kenya G. Johnson said...

That last photo is adorable. I know you we too happy to babysit. You've got a lot to be thankful. #5 is WONDERFUL!

Mari said...

Aren't grandkids the best? I think you could fill all 10 with him! I like the rest too!

Jerralea said...

Great lists of thankfuls! My grandkids always figure in to my list too. There's nothing like kissing on smoochy cheeks.

I've always wanted to do aqua-fit classes but it never coincides with my work schedule. Maybe some day ...

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh! That smile! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Rita said...

All good, but number 10 has them all beat. ;)

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeah great things to be grateful for here, those eyes, that smile yeah melts a heart just saying.

Karen Mortensen said...

A lot of great things to be grateful for. Have a great week.

Juli said...

So, so cute.... he could take up all ten things.

(And no, I'm not talking about Rubio.)

Deb said...

Great post! So much to be thankful for! Your new little grandson is so cute. Glad to hear that your parents are doing better. Kind of cool you got to see Mr. Rubio. I even voted for him. He dropped out just a couple of days after I mailed in my "early ballot." Oh well. Hope you and your family have a Happy Easter.