I Had Great Plans for Today. Now...What I'm Really Doing.

I just tripped down the stairs and hurt my knee.

Don't think anything's broken, but I'm now plopped on the sofa with an ice pack. I had many things planned today that probably just got pushed to the weekend (I hope.) Who can ever afford to hurt a knee and then stay off it for an afternoon, or a day? My sister and I talked recently about how sometimes God literally knocks you down (she developed a UTI in the midst of a move) so you just have to sit around and stew about stuff while observing the mess around you, because who ever injures themselves when the house is in perfect order and all the errands are done? UGH.

Excuse me, I think I need a pain pill.

I'm back. Anyhoo...we're refinancing our home, and the appraiser is coming early next week. I wanted to dust all the fans, hose off all the blinds and polish the wooden cabinets today. I debated painting a bathroom and washing the outside windows. But, now I'm just blogging with an ice pack on my knee. I think I'll watch the senate hearing on Benghazi in a few minutes. Or maybe read TIME magazine and fall asleep. You don't realize how useful a knee is until you trip down the stairs and land your full weight on it. I should not have had that cookie last night.

Something sweet did happen early this morning, before the fall. My friend, Christine, from A Fly on Our Chicken Coop Wall (wonderful blog, by the way) wrote a review on my ebook, The 12 Days of Christmas Adventure, and she is giving away a free copy. Check it out here: REVIEW and FREE COPY.

Sample of a pear in a partridge tree. HA!

Christine has a fun life with her husband and six cute kids living on a pig farm in Indiana (go Hoosiers!) Isn't that a funny sentence right there?  Read what she's doing this holiday season with The 12 Days. Really sweet.

OK, I have to stretch out and shift around again, this fat knee is now starting to burn. Hope your day is productive and pain-free. Watch out for stairs that move on you.


Karen Mortensen said...

Sorry you feel. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Mari said...

Oh no! I messed up my knee a few years ago by falling. Hope it heals quickly!
I got your e-mail, but haven't had time to look at the book yet. I'm looking forward to it though!

Brenda said...

Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll mend soon.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sometimes our plans do get put back. Hope you are better soon.

Rita said...

Ouch! Yes, sometimes we get literally knocked off our feet. Hope you're better soon--but in the meantime--relax and rest. :)

Cathy said...

Hope your knee heals quickly.

Juli said...

Hope you heal up quick.

I am going for an MRI at some point next week, so I am feeling your pain darlin'... literally.