Q - Quinoa!

I discovered quinoa this year when I was told I shouldn't eat wheat, oats, pasta, dairy, chocolate, or anything else that I've been eating for 40 years.  Quinoa is good for me, as are walnuts and cinnamon.

So I combined them into a wonderful breakfast cereal (I've had to dump processed, boxed cereals as well.)

Simmer quinoa according to the directions on the package (typically 1 C. to 2 C. ratio of quinoa to liquid.)  I use almond milk for the liquid because it's full of protein.

While the quinoa is simmering (covered), sprinkle in 1 t. of cinnamon, or however much you like. You can also add nutmeg if you'd like.  When all the liquid is absorbed, the quinoa is done - this usually takes about 15 min.

Scoop the quinoa into a bowl and drizzle in a bit of real maple syrup, a tab of butter, and some chopped walnuts, or sunflower seeds (or whatever nut you like.)  Add berries for added deliciousness.

Scarf it up while it's warm.  This is my new favorite breakfast.


Elaine L. Bridge said...

Oh my word! I've always been a little leary of quinoa because I can't say it, have difficulty spelling it, and have never tried it, lol! But you made this meal sound positively delicious! If there's a run on quinoa in markets worldwide, we'll have you to thank for it! Thanks for a wonderful breakfast suggestion!

Mari said...

I agree with Elaine! I've never had it, but this sounds good!

Karen Mortensen said...

That looks good. I know my friend eats that too. I will have to try it sometime.

ErraticElle said...

That looks so good! I don't know that I've ever heard of using quinoa for breakfast, but it looks like a pretty darned good one. Seems like an alternative to oatmeal or granola...lots of options there. Elle @ Erratic Project Junkie