Time Alone

I've had the week to myself, as my hubby flew to MD to help out a few family members with health issues.  I haven't been alone like this in twenty years, when the hubs was in the Air Force and would travel now and then.  I have to admit, I've loved it.

Everybody needs time alone, to rest a bit, eat what you want, and watch hours of the food network, uninterrupted.  Here's a list of activities I've enjoyed.

1. Eating meals at the sink, from pots and cans. 

2. Realizing, by myself, I don't need a dishwasher.  All week, the dishwasher has contained only two mugs and a fork.

3.  I've done laundry once.  Not even a full load.

4.  Haven't cooked meat all week. 

5.  I finally painted a door we had installed four months ago.

6.  I sewed some new arm chair covers, something I've wanted to do for two years.

7.  I stayed up until midnight if I wanted to.

8.  I slept in 'til 9 a.m. if I wanted to.

9.  I got to the gym more often.

10. I wrote more.

11. I watched You've Got Mail for the twentieth time.  Then I watched Turner and Hooch for the tenth.

12.  I saw this badge on facebook.  I laugh out loud every time I look at it. 

13.  I cleaned the bathrooms. This is easier to do when no one is around.

14.  I vacuumed behind and under the sofa, which I do, like...never.

15.  I cleaned out the 'fridge, which I do, like...never.

16.  I read Jesus Calling daily, instead of twice a month like I've done in the past.

17.  I had time to think.

This isn't to say my husband inhibits me from doing any of these things.  He supports whatever I want to do.  He's a good guy and I like having him around, but people need alone time to process and plan.  When I'm alone, I realize how crazy my life can be.  Most of us just go, go, go, because that's the pace of society these days. 

I'm grateful I've had this week to myself (relatively - I've still helped the folks.)  I think there's a bit of hermit in me.  

Have you ever had a week to yourself?  Were you compelled to vacuum under the sofa and watch Tom Hanks movies?


betty said...

I haven't had quite a week alone, but 3-4 days at a time and I did love it :) I love my days alone now that hubby is back working a traditional work schedule of days. I do agree, it is good to have that time alone, I think we need it to refresh ourselves every so often.

and I like the remote for the TV :)


Rita said...

I've had years and years alone, but I remember how much I loved that alone time when I lived in a full house. I still love it...thank goodness! ;)

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I've been blessed to have many days and nights home alone due to deer hunting, fishing trips and conferences. Some time I've been industrious. Some times I've spent time with some other important person in my life. And other times (most) I've been indulently lazy and just enjoyed myself.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

As you know I love my time home alone, I love my own company and really just love to chill on my own

Unknown said...

I've had a few days when Bill's gone off to a FOP convention but never a whole week, I couldn't say I hated it either!!

I go away without him frequently on my guardianship visits. But i'm so busy I hardly have time to sit down for two minutes packing all I can into every day.

Your time sounds kinda nice, very nice in fact except for the cleaning the fridge, not my favorite thing to do.

I get what you mean Mare about appreciating the spouses but not minding having some time to just be.

Hope hubbys relative is doing well.

Juli said...

It's rare, but I do find myself cleaning when those times pop up. It's nice to clean something and have it stay clean for a few hours or so.

The snow here has a way of turning us all into hermits. It strips you down to the basics. Basketball games have been canceled, school has been called, books have been read. Your travel get limited to quick trips, mapped out by snow banks and (now) one way streets. It's so much of an effort to go out that you combine trips when you are out and you stay in more often. You forage through the fridge to see what you can make rather than call out. You touch up paint, clean the fish tanks, vacuum. It's necessary simplification which is kind of nice...

....until the washing machine breaks.

Jerralea said...

I love time alone! However, at no time when I'm alone did it ever occur to me to vacuum under the couch!

Cathy said...

So glad you have enjoyed your time. It sounds wonderful.

My hubby's going away for 2 days in May and I'm looking forward to that time. I love being with hubby, but I'm curious to see if I'll like this time alone. I just wish I didn't have to work and could spend all the time at home. If I know me though, I'm sure I'll be extremely anxious for him to come back home. :)

Brenda said...

Vacuuming...not so much, but You've
got Mail is my all-time favorite movie.
I enjoy alone times which are few and far between.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I smiled the whole way through your post. I love my husband but it is fun to have the house to myself. Same wonder of little laundry, no dishes, and sleeping on my own schedule.

Pamela said...

With a Navy husband, I can so relate to this. Great post!