Hobbling Around

So....here's what happened this week.

It matches the tile grout in my kitchen, don't you think?  I now try to just hang in the kitchen, so I always look coordinated. 

Apparently, I've had some small tears in my paroneal longus tendon since the summer (tendonopathy.) That's one of the tendons that runs from calf to foot and and slides back and forth under that bony protrusion on the side of your ankle. 

I've also developed plantar fasciitis (I swear this word has too many 'i's, but Webster says no.)  Plantar fasciitis is inflammation and micro tears in the plantar fascia, the connective tissue that runs from heel to toes on the bottom on the foot.  My left foot is aging faster than my right.  However, with my now cock-eyed gait, my right foot is acting up.  I really need a third leg.

What's bugging me this week is that I've had pain in this foot for about six weeks.  At first I thought it was part of the fibromyalgia I'm still learning about and treating with supplements.  So, I went to the beach two weeks ago for vacation and began running again.  This was absolutely the wrong thing to do.  But, I didn't yet know the results of my MRI, and I wasn't feeling any worse. 

So, I ran a bit.  And walked on the lumpy beach, and walked on the street, and walked up and down flights of stairs several times a day.  Two days after I got home, I learned about these injuries, and then began kicking myself with my good foot. 

How are we supposed to determine aging aches and pains from injury aches and pains?  That's the question.  Clearly, I'm a bad judge of that distinction.  So, now I'm in a gray boot for a month, maybe more.  If things are healing well at that point, I'll get a brace for another few months.  Yes, I said months.  Plantar fasciitis takes six months to a year to heal.  Geez-o-flip. 

The doc said tendons don't ever return to their former state, so this foot will always be a vulnerability for me.  That means no more running.  Ever.  I'm not crazy about running, but it was the best tool for me when it came to weight loss.  Nothing knocked off twenty pounds as quickly as running. 

Pooh.  I might have to befriend this twenty pounds.  ACK!

The doc said swimming is my best option from now on.  So, I closed my membership at my current gym and joined a gym that has a pool.  I can't tell you how excited I am to squeeze into a bathing suit that reveals the extra twenty pounds. 

Oh well.  Life is full of surprises and adjustments.  There are many people in worse shape than me. And I still have one good foot. 

For now.


Mari said...

Ouch! I've had Plantar Fasciitis and it's no fun by itself. Sorry for your pains - hope they heal quickly.

Jerralea said...

Sorry for your leg troubles, but I have to say, you tell about it hilariously!

I've always wanted to do exercises in a pool, but only of course if they allow me to wear shorts over my bathing suit. However, in this small town life I have, there is no pool available except during working hours. Ack!

I've kind of made friends with my extra poundage, too ....

Juli said...

Preaching to to the choir honey. :( Same injury, both feet, for over a year.

Good news for me is that they think the gall bladder debacle may have worsened the pain, so in the long run, once I've recovered, I may get some relief from the joint pain. We'll see.

Good luck. I'll be not running (ever again) right along side you.

Chatty Crone said...

You are very positive. And I do hope your foot gets better soon! I tell you that is a good question and I have asked myself that more than a few times.

Deb said...

So sorry you hurt yourself. Take it easy and heal up. As much as we want to be, we simply are not as young as we once were. Heal quickly, my friend.

Robyn Campbell said...

Hey Mare. You didn't tell me about this. Man. But at least you have an excuse to swim. Haha. I love our pool. But it's closed down for winter. *sob* It's the ONLY thing i can do that makes my back feel like it's normal again. I am sorry about this. But the boot does match. *wink* (((hug)))

Nicole said...

Plantar Fasci...what? Yeah I agree with you, that's way too many i's. I hope your leg heals up nicely so you can continue running and enjoying your time outdoors :)

Take care of yourself!

#atozchallenge Co-Host

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a tough one! I do know that if you like beets, they could help a lot to decrease inflammation. Here's hoping you get well sooner rather than later!

Rita said...

I just discovered the vast majority of my blogs I follow were gradually ending up in my spam folder--like the last four weeks. So I was only looking at the new posts (can't go through over 750)--but saw the foot and had to go back and find out what happened.

I have plantar fasciitis, too. Chronic. But it was diagnosed before the fibro, so I knew I had it--LOL! I know exactly what you mean, though. Even when I get the flu I often don't know for sure the first day because I pretty much feel like that all the time, as you know how that goes. When you live with chronic pain it is hard to know when something else has entered the picture. I totally get that!! LOL! Hope it heals up well for you and quickly. :)

Christine said...

I used to say, all the time, "I don't know if it's fibro/lupus stuff or aging stuff". How is a person to know?
Well, in your case, and MRI. :)
So sorry to hear about the injuries. Those boots aren't any fun.
Swimming is the best exercise there is. Such little chance of injury. Running is bad. Not that I do either at the moment, but I'll be hitting the pool soon. Maybe.