May Days

According to my May posts, in May, I learned I have fibromyalgia, and I made Biscotti and Puffy Biscuit Rolls.  Lest you think all I do around here is develop odd syndromes, and then bake, here's a few other things that happened in May.

1.  I gave up extra sugar.  Crazy, right?  Especially, since I love to bake (and eat Biscotti and biscuits rolls.)  But, it was time.  The big surprise - it hasn't been that difficult.  In three weeks, I've cheated twice.  I'll get better.  It helps that I CAN have an ounce of dark chocolate a day.  Whoo-hoo!

2.  I researched and started ingesting glucosamine sulfate, Curamin, and ribose.  These are supplements that supposedly help fibro.  Isn't that fascinating?  I'll keep ya' posted.

3.  I visited eight doctor's offices.  Between the folks and myself, we're keeping the physicians in town hopping.

4.  I attended a womens' retreat with a good friend.  We had quiet time, prayer time, and a great meal that I did not fix.  That was the best part.

5. My daughter and I made soup and homemade bread for a women who was fading from this life due to cancer.  She passed the following day.  Our gift to her was probably her last meal.  I pray it soothed her body and calmed her spirit.

6.  Our girl celebrated a birthday.  Here she is at age five, exploring life though a magnifying glass.

Today, she teaches high schoolers science and character.  She doles out Jolly Ranchers on test days and gives extra credit points for observed kindnesses. If I had a science teacher like her, I would have almost liked high school.

7.  Our baby boy had a birthday.  He weighed nearly ten pounds at birth, and my bladder has never been the same.  He's now the tallest one in the family, but he'll always be my little bubba.

Here he is getting caught in the rain with his lovely wife.

8.  My Dad had a birthday.  Here he is enjoying his favorite thing on earth - a night out with our girl getting frozen yogurt and double hot fudge.

Have you ever seen a happier 91-year old?  We have several May birthdays, but we make the biggest ta-da over this one.

9.  We spent an hour at Starbucks with our financial advisor.  A cup of sweet chai tea makes the number-crunching go down more smoothly.

10.  My brother, the ex-clown, was in town with his colleagues.  They like to visit our local pie shop and come to our place with the goods.  We all eat like pigs before they go back to work.

This was the cream of the crop.


Is this gorgeous, or what?  We have the best pie shop in the country.  Sadly, they don't ship because it's cost prohibitive, but if you're ever near Melbourne, Florida, Sweetie Pies is the place to go. 

June already has four doctor appointments listed, as well as a colonoscopy.   I'll spare you the details on that one.

Summer has arrived!


Mari said...

You have good looking kids, and I bet the school kids love their science teacher!
Glad you had fun parties, especially for your dear Dad!
Good for you for cutting back on sugar. It sounds like a hard thing to do.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a busy month of May you had. We here had a bunch of May birthdays to celebrate too. But non of them could beat the 91 years your Dad had to celebrate. I too have a Bubba, he's the youngest of my children. Wishing you a happy June! Hope it is good to you.

Chatty Crone said...

I love to hear about your life. You do have lots of birthdays and I can see why your dad's was the most important. And that pie looks so good. How nice to take care and feed that gal with cancer. You are amazing. Good luck with the colon!

Creations By Cindy said...

You have had a busy month I must say but I so enjoy looking at all your pictures! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I love lemon meringue pie but don't know how to make it hope your dad had the best birthday

Annalisa Crawford said...

A full range of ups and downs during May. I'm glad you're not missing sugar too much - like I think I said before, when your health is at stake, it makes it a lot easier to adhere to. I wish I'd had a science teacher like your daughter too!

Rita said...

What a wonderful family! :) :)
You'll have to keep us informed at to how things are going. The no sugar--congrats! That's a hard one for such an excellent baker as you are.
I hope this is a very good week and all appointments go well this month. :)

Jerralea said...

Sorry to hear about the fibro, but if anyone can lick it, you can.

Love your May memories! May is a special month for us as well, our daughter, The Math Teacher, has a May birthday, too.

Deb said...

We have several May birthdays as well - a daughter, a grandson and a grand daughter all celebrating another year this month. Hope you are making some progress in finding answers to your health problems. Hugs from AZ!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Happy belated Birthday to everyone! Your May sounds like our December with the birthdays. Now how did the cutting out sugar coincide with all the pies? Yum? I cut out caffeine in May. NOOOO caffeine what? I'll really appreciate my accomplishment when we travel this summer and I don't have to pee 10 minutes after we get on the road or have to travel with my coffee pot.