F is for Facebook.  Love it, or hate it, it's a staple in most households these days. 

I love seeing the new babies, the placards on forgiveness, cats wiggling around in oatmeal canisters, and those amazing youngsters singing like Josh Groban.

Who could fully live without Bejeweled Blitz or Candy Crush?  (Here in the Ballpark, Angry Birds is the must-play.)

Without Facebook, how would we ever know who's giving away Kitchen Aid mixers, or what character we are most like in Once Upon a Time?  (I'm Charming, by the way.) 

I've loved connecting with high school friends and being able to pray for people who are suffering with one difficulty or another.   Sure, Facebook can be a time drain, but, in moderation, it can be a valuable tool for networking and staying in touch with far away loved ones.

At some point, I will be changing servers on this blog, and connecting to my Facebook page will always provide a link to that and whatever else I'm doing in cyberspace.  (Info. on my book The 12 Days of Christmas Adventure will be shared that way.)  I've come to prefer connecting to sites I enjoy by way of Facebook myself.   Here's my Facebook page, if you'd like to link up, or 'like' me (goofy terminology): ADVENTURES IN THE BALLPARK - MARE BALL.

I'll be there as long as Zuckerberg and his buddies keep the thing going.

How do you feel about Facebook?  Are you more of a Twitter fan? (I don't get it.)


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've not ever done much with FB. I'm a blogger tried and true.

Deb said...

FB can be fun but it can also be used inappropriately. I have had experiences with FB being used as a bully tool by people old enough to know better. I do use FB - but to be totally honest - I am not a big fan. I'm with you on Twitter - I keep trying to "get" it, but I just don't. Guess I'm too old.

Cathy said...

I have kind of a love/hate relationship with FB. I love being in contact with family and friends that I'd never keep up with any other way. Not because I don't love them, but just because we are too far apart or too busy or whatever.

I do sometimes hate how easily I can get sucked in to spending/wasting too much time playing games or whatever there.

Twitter - I do have a Twitter account and actually do use it, but I've never quite figured out the purpose for it. haha

My favorite thing right now besides my blog is Instagram. I absolutely adore it.

Ann Hinds said...

Well, I liked your facebook page and will look forward to seeing what you post. I don't spend much time on facebook. Once in a while I remember it's out there. I enjoy my friends and family's posts but get really tired of the suggestions. I don't like twitter very much and do blog more than anything.


Ruth said...

I facebook and have a twitter. I don't twit much though. I check facebook a lot because I have a lot of family on there and I have a page for my yummystuff blog.

Holly said...

I LOVE Facebook. I am on there on and off all day. When I'm not home, I'm checking it on my phone. LOL.

abby@truebeloved said...

I'm a facebook hater. I've about accepted though, that it is just about unavoidable for a writer. So, I'm trying to get on board. I like looking at other people's pages (yours is great!) It's making my own nice and keeping up with it that gets me.

Unknown said...

Hi Mare, You are on my A to Z to check in with as well. Thanks for coming by to see me again. We all have our preferred methods for keeping in touch and finding things out as your comments seem to note. I check in with facebook from time to time but prefer to limit it for as you note it can consume mounds of time. All these modes of information sharing can be burdensome and I am working hard at maintaining balance. That's the big thing for me. Hope to see you again soon. God bless, Maria from Delight Directed Living

Christine said...

I reluctantly joined FB when my dad badgered me to do it. I have rules about who I will be "friends" with, so my contacts are few. Basically, family and any friends who have moved out of town. It has been a great way to keep in touch with far-flung relatives and friends. My blog page is mostly neglected, since my posts are rarely seen by more than 20 people.
I am not a tweeter, and have no desire to be.
I do love Instagram, though!

Andrea said...

You went all technological wizardress in that last paragraph for a Wilma Flintstone like me! ;)

Unknown said...

No Facebook for me.

I have enough of a time keeping up with my life and my blog.

I did however just find out a relative was terminally ill and my cousin is putting updates on Facebook. This is the first time I've been tempted to sign up.

I have another cousin who keeps me updated by email so I haven't had to so far.

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

Of the two, I like Facebook best. Must admit I tend to speed through it and only settle in on what's real and personal.

Anonymous said...

I had Facebook for a year and a half but I got annoyed with it and deleted my account. I don't have enough friends to keep it, most of my family doesn't use it and the in-laws flooded my feed with political rants. I do love Bejeweled Blitz though (and Gardens of Time)

Never used Twitter or Instagram but i had a Tumblr for a while and that was fun. But most comfortable with Blogger, it's the only social media home I need :)

The Pedestrian Writer visiting from the A to Z blogging challenge

Joyce said...

I still enjoy Facebook. I'm on Twitter, but read more than I tweet. I love Instagram too. Pretty pictures are about my speed : )

Michelle said...

I use Facebook to be kind of a stalker. I rarely post anything about me, but I love to click around, keeping up on people I once sort of knew!

Lynn Proctor said...

i still enjoy facebook too, mare---but find i am not liking as many game s as i once did---i think some that i used to play have gone and i don't understand most of the newer ones---i do love candy crush although if it is a strategy to it, i must admit i haven't discovered it yet :)

Tanya said...

I have been on a social media hiatus and the one I miss the least is Facebook. The one I miss the most is Instagram. I do prefer Twitter to Facebook.Seems to be much less drama through Twitter than Facebook.

Unknown said...

I recently joined twitter and then talked Mr. Sexy into getting on twitter AND instagram. It took me a long time to understand twitter - I'm still trying lol - But Mr. Sexy picked up on it within his first tweet!

At first my twitter was connected to facebook. Then American Idol happened and my facebook wall was covered with all my tweets! So I disconnected them.

I decided I use each of these mediums for different things. I think I use them all pretty equally though. It sure keeps me busy!