A is for Adventures!

Here we are at the A-Z Challenge again!  A letter a day through the month of April.  Didn't we just do this?!?!

'A' here in the Ballpark is for Adventures.  

Adventures in writing
Adventures in caretaking
Adventures in DIY-ing  
Adventures in baking

Adventures in family
Adventures faith
Adventures in life -
all over the place.

Today's adventure - our refrigerator went out last night.  ARGH!

I was hoping this was an April Fool's joke, but, alas...no.  I can squish the orange juice cans in the freezer.  

Welcome to my Ballpark, where some days I win, and some days I have to buy a new refrigerator.  


Andrea said...

Hope you can at least find something good for dinner in whatever else has thawed, along with other inspired cooking adventures. Happy a-z!

Tara Tyler said...

i <3 adventures!! they keep us alive!
and ballparks will be my home away from home for spring with two of my boys playing, good times!

happy a day!

Tara Tyler said...

ps - sorry about your fridge! part of the adventure, right?

Dana said...

Sorry to hear about your fridge. You're right though—it's just one part of life's adventure. :)

Happy A to Z!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Adventures is the best way to think about challenges-- life is just one adventure after another LOL.

Creations By Cindy said...

Life is indeed an adventure!
Hugs and blessings Cindy

Cranberry Morning said...

Your refrigerator going out is NOT supposed to be part of the great adventure! :-(( So sorry.

Cathy said...

Hope you find a new one that you really like and that its on sale too!!

Wendy said...

thank you so much for checking out my A-Z today and suggesting I come to see you too! I already love it. Life's adventures can leave us breathless with joy, with sorrow, with wonder...with wonder at the joy and sorrow! :)
I was just looking at your candy jar...how to??? I love it!
Crafts are my sanity some days. After a day of pastoral care and meetings, it's a safe escape, and if I'm lucky I end up with something useful!
It's so nice to meet you!

Dihiwi said...

Boy, can I relate to your post today! We just had to redo our kitchen counters ($2,000) because we had to replace the dishwasher ($400). I do enjoy your blog and look forward to visiting. Happy blogging - keep up the good work! www.dianeweidenbenner.com

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog for the A-Z Challenge, I'm nodding with familiarity reading your post. Looking forward to tuning in throughout the challenge.

Unknown said...

Sorry about your fridge Mare and I sympathize. Get that fridge shopping done so we can read your wonderfully entertaining A to Z posts.

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear about your fridge. I hope you can a nice one at a good price.
Dropping by from A to Z challenge.
Elizabeth @ www.scribblinginthestorageroom.wordpress.com

betty said...

Oh geesh, what a thing to wake up to! Hope there wasn't too much spoiled food!


Jean said...

What an adventure. Adventures in finances, too. On the bright side, you shouldn't have to be having this adventure again anytime soon.

Jean, visiting for the A-Z Challenge from Rantings and Ravings of an Insane Writer

Aidyl Ewoh said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for the A to Z Challenge! I love how so many bloggers get to connect though it. And adventures? Yes! Fridges going out... Not so much. :)

Following your blog now!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I hope this doesn't mean all your food is spoiled :/ Hope the rest of the month is filled with good adventures :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sorry your adventure had to start out on that note. I do love the A-z posts though.

CLR said...

Hi Marianne!!

Love your blog! Glad you came by mine! http://hammockinthehoneysuckle.blogspot.com/2014/04/all-worth-it.html

I look forward to reading more! I keep getting that funny message too - what is that???

Unknown said...

Here's to your A to Z adventure!

Damyanti Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2014

Twitter: @damyantig

Sharybary said...

First time for the A to Z Challenge. Really enjoyed just thinking about adventure while I read your post. I'm very glad my fridge is working, but I am thinking I need more adventure of a positive nature in my life. Have a great day! Thanks for the inspiration.

Jerralea said...

Ah, it hasn't been that long ago when I had the adventure of having to buy a new fridge. Unfortunately, at the time I didn't think of it as an adventure ...

Love that photo of the unusual candy dispenser!

Unknown said...

Oh no! That's a bad April fool's joke when it turns out to be reality!