30 Things I'm Grateful For

During November, many folks are posting daily on facebook things they're thankful for.  I'm due back in the dugout soon, so I'm sharing the 30 thirty things I'm grateful for here. 

1.   Educational programming like the Sprout channel and Sesame Street. They're fun and relaxing for even middle-aged kids.

2.  My walking partner, Cindy.  We encourage each other when we really don't want to get up and hit the pavement at 7:30 a.m.

3.  My gym, where membership is only ten bucks a month.  I don't make it there every day, so I appreciate the fact that I'm wasting only thirty-three cents on the days I'm not checking in.

4.  My PT Cruiser.  It fits my behind, and I don't know what I'm going to do when they stop making it. 

5.  CVS weekly sales.  Nothing beats .99 Puffs or Dawn dish washing liquid. 

6.  Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches.  We've gotten away from fat ice cream completely and don't even miss it.

7.  My Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  It whips up stiff cookie dough and bread dough without pausing to huff and puff like some people in this household. Thanks, Ter!

8.  Fresh salmon.  With maple syrup and a bit of lemon. I only wish it was thirty-three cents a day like the gym.   

9.  The fact that no one in the 'grandparents' category has been in the hospital for the past two months.

10.  That Mom, who's fairly reserved, can still make me chuckle.  Like the fact that she calls her panti-liners "ipads." 

11.  My sister's generosity.  She regularly sends our dad gift cards to a local yogurt shop, so he and my daughter can have weekly hot fudge dates.

12.  My clothesline.  I've been thankful for this before.  I'm thankful for it every time I hang out clothes.  I feel like I'm pulling one over on the electric company.   I'm sure it doesn't care, but it makes me feel like a smart cookie.

13.  My hard-working husband.  He's on his feet most of the day, while I'm on my behind writing. 

14.  A handmade wooden cutting board my oldest son made for me in shop class when he was in high school.  It's a super trivet and a great hard surface for writing when I'm working on the sofa.  I don't use it as a cutting board anymore, because it's twenty years old, and I want to preserve it.

Even with the scratch marks and the burned pot circle, I love it.  This board held many crocks of mac and cheese.

15.   Coconut oil.  It's a great moisturizer and, mixed with baking soda, a wonderful, natural toothpaste. 

16.   Dental hygienists and proctologists.  No, really.  What if no one wanted those jobs?  Just imagine. Whatever they're paid, it's not enough.

17.  Pocket calculators.  I haven't had to do math in my head for a decade.  And I wasn't very good at it then.

18.  Can openers that take off the lid from the side, so there are no sharp edges.  This enables me to use the lids and cans for all kinds of things.

19.  Electrical tape.  I know, it sounds funny.  But, I've just discovered it's a super craft tape, and it comes in all kinds of colors.  It lets me make stuff like this.  (Notice the tin can with no sharp edges.)

20.  IKEA.  I love roaming around in that store.  The plastic bag holder and the washcloths with loops on them make me so happy.

21.  Cheddars, the new restaurant in our town.  Oh. My. Word.  They have a veggie plate that includes a salad and four sides.  The southern green beans are scrump-deli-icious.

22.  My memory foam pillow.  Ahhhh...

23.  Flannel sheets.  We use them all the time, even in the summer.  Cotton sheets are crinkly and loud.

24.  Cream of Mushroom soup.  You just can't replicate that stuff.  I've tried, and I've failed.  I bought two cans today.  Green Bean Casserole, I'm ready.

25.  This lovely photograph of my mother-in-law I came across recently.  It's so 50s-charm.  It's now in a silver frame.

26.  Those Liberty Mutual commercials where the tree drops on the car, or the car door gets snapped off by another car whizzing past - they crack me up every time.  Humans.   

27.  Cookie cutters.  I've collected all kinds over the years, and they bring such creativity and fun to sugar cookie dough.  If I had to carve swans or reindeer by hand, we'd just have circle cookies cut out with a glass.

28.  Mom/daughter time.  My girl and I can create giggles from hitting the Farmer's market, trips to Orlando, doing sock curls, cleaning out a linen closet, compiling chemistry grades, or sitting in Mass.  She puts a smile in my heart. 

29.  Hugs from my grown sons.  Knowing I used to powder their behinds, it's bittersweet, but so wonderful.

30.  That God's graces are new every day.  Because, every day, I need a do-over.



Unknown said...

What a absolutely glorious list. I'm terrible at them and love a good one. And that picture of your mom it's just fabulous. I love those old black and whites, those were the days!

Christine said...

I love that old photo! I can't imagine ever lounging in a chair in the yard in a dress, let alone a dress like that!
You have many things for which to be thankful. Great list!

Michael Ann said...

I'm with Jen, that was a great list! Very creative and heart-felt. Love the "ipads." :-)

Jerralea said...

Oh, I hadn't been to the ballpark lately, and I've missed your humor!

I'm also stealing your idea - doing all 30 of my thankfuls at once. After doing the 31 day challenge, I needed a break.

Love your list, and I'm going to be chuckling about ipads and remembering I powdered my kids behinds all day!

Juli said...

For starters, I'm sure your behind is not too awkward that we can not find you a new CAR when the time arises.

And most important, I think we all need a do over most days. :)

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Rita said...

Absolutely loved this post! Life is so filled with wonderful things, isn't it? :) :)

Marianne said...

I wish you were my walking partner! You're such a joy, Mare.

Deb said...

This is a fun and lovely post. I absolutely adore it. Thanks for sharing!

Karen Lange said...

What a great list! I knew we had things in common, but didn't realize how much. :) I too, hang laundry and have a similar cutting board. My dad made it for me more than 20 years ago. Same colors, same type of wear on it. My grandson and I sometimes watch Sprout together when he's here. We've so much to be thankful for. I count you among those blessings. Have a great weekend!

Danielle L Zecher said...

Great list! I love flannel sheets too. :-) So warm and cozy.