Halfway through the April A-Z challenge.  Time for a limerick. 

The A-to-Z is a work out
Letters are what it's about
I think and opine,
and then drink some wine
The finish is sometimes in doubt

"I'll finish!" I cry every day
It's midnight when I hit the hay
The writing, the reading
A frenzy it's feeding
I so look forward to May.


Dana Martin said...

I. Love. This.

Midnight... yep. Just about every night so far after joining this challenge. I think, what was I thinking? You are WAY better than I am, though. Two days already I haven't posted until after 4pm PST.

However, we do have wine in common. Cheers!

See you for "L."

Dana @ Waiter, drink please!

Sandy said...

Cute, made me smile.


Unknown said...

yes I look forward to May as well
it is great to meet fellow bloggers it is just very time consuming
best to you with the second half of the month

Ann Hinds said...

Looking forward to May too. Cute limericks.

Kate @ Another Clean Slate said...

Yay May! This was cute!!

Cheryl said...

Very clever. I love it.


Patty said...

Check out THOSE rhyming skills.

Andrea said...

A great L word, and a fantastic limerick!

Joy said...

Very fun poem! Good job.

Betty Alark said...

I so look forward to May also; although its hard to say what May will bring; so I'm enjoying everyday of April! Great job on the Limerick!

Unknown said...

Hi Mare. Love this fun limerick. Girls just got to have fun along the A to Z road. Great job. God bess, Maria from Delight Directed Living

Joyce said...

Ha-loved this fun limerick!

Jerralea said...

Ah, limericks - I haven't tried making one in a very long time. (Think high school.)

I think both of yours are very good!

Marianne said...

'Tis a fine poem, wee lassie!