The A-Z blogging challenge is here again!  The brain child of Arlee Bird, the A-Z project offers bloggers a great way to connect and and form friendships.  Thank you Arlee, for being the smart, creative cookie that you are. 

The instructions for the challenge are simple: write a post a day throughout the month of April, working your way through the alphabet - Sundays off.

Have a theme, or no theme.  Post a picture, a phrase, or a paragraph.  Or five.  Get stuck on the letters Q and X.  Wrack your brain for brilliance every day, then settle for "oh, whatever."   End up with a numb, pancake butt, because you're at the computer all month writing and reading a thousand other blogs whose authors are doing the same thing.  They don't call it a challenge for nothing.

Last year, I wrote random stuff - all brilliant, but random.  (For those riveting posts, CLICK HERE.) This year, I planned a theme, but after I wrote four posts, I was out of material.  So I'm back to random.  I guess my brain is more haphazard than organized.  (My husband would probably agree.) 

Anyhoo....my A word is adventure because the A-Z challenge is always an adventure for me.  I'm up 'til all hours reading and writing, my family scrounges for food because I'm not thinking about restocking the larder, and anything out of the ordinary is snagged and expanded on for a post.  My family clams up for the month and scurries away if I look like I'm stuck for a topic, lest they become blog fodder.   

Welcome aboard!


Unknown said...

Sounds a lot like what happens at my house, Mare! Have fun this month.

Unknown said...

Hi Mare! I joined in also. A is up, but I'm stuck for B!! I know your frustration. Glad to see you're in this year as well!

Tara Tyler said...

random and adventure equals awesome surprise!
nice to meet you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love adventures and am alway looking for something new. It'll be fun reading your A-Z posts. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Donna L Martin said...

I'm all for adventures...it's even the name of the camp I run every summer at my martial arts school...;~) Good luck with the challenge! I participated last year and had a blast!

Donna L Martin

Judy said...

I had a theme last year, but this year I'm totally random . . . random is a good word when you have no idea from day to day what you're going to write, right?! haha. anyway, looking forward to your posts this month!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

LOL to them clamming up. When Christopher realizes how much I write about him he might stop giving me material ;-) I hope he appreciates in the the future though.

Unknown said...

Glad you're back for this years adventure! I'm winging it again this year over at my place too! Carry on my friend!

Emmy said...

Good luck! Excited to see how you get each letter

Elizabeth said...

Mare, are you living in my head? You described my A-Z experiences perfectly.

Dana Martin said...

Greeting! Stopping by during the A-Z Blog Tour. Naturally, I thought it was about baseball, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Love your "about me" section, where you explain why the baseball theme. Yes!!

Can't wait to read more. It appears that our general blog themes (not necessarily our A-Z theme) are similar.

Keep up the great work!


Dana said...

Your A to Z experiences sound a lot like mine! Maybe we can gmail chat some night when we're both up until all hours reading and commenting. ☺

Happy blogging!

Melody said...

1) I hate Q and X.
2) Your site is so creative!!
3) I am going to LOVE reading your posts this month :)