F...F...F...what begins with F?

For the A-Z challenge, the letter F had me flummoxed.  So, I cheated.

I pulled out the dictionary.

I found a word I'd never seen before: fluctisonous.  It means "sounding like waves."  As in, "The rhythm of that circular fan is fluctisonous."   

Who talks like that?  Have you ever heard the word fluctisonous?  Neither has the spell checker.

I did find some words I recognized and decided to offer my opinion of them. 

Firstborns - the best.
Fudge - right up there with firstborns.
Fruitcake - not even close to firstborns  (does anybody really like fruitcake?)
Fiddler on the Roof - dear Tevye.  All those daughters.
Fred Flintstone - how he ever got Wilma, I'll never know.
Fish stew - uh...what?  Ewww.
Feather pillows - too pokey for me.
Foreshadowing - love it, if it's subtle.
Fundraising - hate it.  I didn't even like selling Girl Scout cookies.
Football - meh

Fencing - too pokey for me.
Foie gras (a pate made from goose liver, Cognac and truffles.)  This ought to be illegal.
Flip-flops - I live in Florida, where flip-flops are the state shoe.  Fabulous.


Kathy Cannon Wiechman said...

That's a new word for me, too. Fudge, Yay! I actually know 2 people who LOVE fruitcake, but I don't. Great post.
Kathy @ Swagger Writers

Dana Martin said...

Flip flops and fudge... I'm in. And if we wear them and eat them in flight... even better.

Waiter, drink please!

Unknown said...

Fruitcake, my mom loves it. Ick.
But flip flops, my favorite footwear.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I certainly don't remember ever seeing that word before, but I do love the rhythm of the waves. Hope you have a super Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Of all those, Fudge is my best. Today I'm talking about Fantasy - stop by, please. -Belinda.

deathwriter said...

Never heard of that word, and I doubt I will ever need to use it in any of my writing. I try to keep words as simple as possible.

I'm with you on the fudge and the flip-flops!

Editor and Publisher Shelly Burke said...

Firstborns--the best!

This is a fun post! When I get "blog block" I'm going to pull out the dictionary! :-)

Unknown said...

"Foie gras (a pate made from goose liver, Cognac and truffles.) This ought to be illegal." - too funny! (And very true.)

M said...

Fruitcake? Ghak! But I do have one that a friend and I have sent back and forth at Christmas for the past 19 years...it is shrinking and rather brick-like in its old age...the half life must be 10,000 years.

Love the flip-flops! Happy A-Z April :)

Cherie Reich said...

Huh. Never heard that word before today, and I don't think I would've guessed what it meant either.

A to Z Participant
Cherie Reich - Author and Surrounded by Books Reviews

Grammy said...

Fun. I have some wherever I am, and try to make sure people around me enjoy life, too. Best regards to you. Ruby.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I can't stand fruitcake.......I hate fish........I love fudge and my firstborn is my precious daughter... Wilma must see something in Fred the rest of us don't..........never seen fiddler on the roof and never heard of foie gras.............lastly flip flops are called thongs.........

Juli said...

Now there's fruitcake, and then there's FRUIT CAKE! Believe it or not there is actually good fruit cake, and it doesn't have a shelf life of 16 years.

And then there's the other kind of fruitcake... the nutty in the brain kind, that I have been accused of being.

Andy said...

GREAT list!

Francene Stanley said...

A very ammusing list of words. In answer to your question: Yes, I like fruitcake. hehe.

Ann Hinds said...

I also like fruitcake and my husband has not worn shoes in years but has a collection of flip-flops. Also had time to go back and read Ecclesiastes. Thanks for the reminder to enjoy each blessing as it come.

Unknown said...

Lovin my favorite footwear!

Rosanna C. Rogacion said...

I love the sea where I sit for hours and hours listening to the sound of the waves. I should look for something on dry land that sound fluctisonous, so I won't miss being near the sea!

Very interesting post!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

I had to copy and paste fluctisonous just to tell you it sounded like a condition or something you do with your nose. Ewww to Foie gras and fish stew AND fruitcake for that matter. Yuck.

Marianne said...

Wearing flip-flops now (despite it being way too cold, but we just got home from Florida and I'm clinging to your state's warmth!).

Azara said...

What a fun word. I'm doing my whole A-Z challenge on "lost words" - I love when you find a word that you just want to say over and over.

Rita A. said...

What a Fun post. I'm visiting from A to Z and look Forward to more entertainment From your blog.

Unknown said...

My husband loves fruitcake, I'm with you horrible thing. You can't claim flipflops I live in Brazil and there's laws against that sort of thing. Brazil is the country of flipflop!
funny post thx, happy A to Z
maggie winter