Sweet, Sweet Day

Happy Valentines-wear pink-make Hallmark happy-eat too much chocolate day!  Oh, and love me some roses-day.

These arrived late yesterday.  Love the lavender.  And the yellow.  They're my favorite, until I look at the white.  Then they're my favorite, until I glance at the pink.   Thank you, thoughtful groom.  There's just nothing more perfect than a rose.

Unless, it's a newborn.

We have a new grand-niece who just arrived on the planet Monday.  She's not impressed with the world yet...she likes to doze in trendy caps and snugly blankets.  She has an older brother who's bound to bother her before too long.  These two are going to keep their parents hopping.  Babies fresh from heaven...can't beat it.

It's been a sweet week, with flowers and newborns and no snow here in Florida.  Snow doesn't usually occur here, but you never know.  Nemo had a mind of its own.  It appears things are melting up north, so here's hoping the worst is over.

Another fun thing recently...I won a short story contest over at  Mormon Mommy Writers.  MMW is a site hosted by a group of women who write about faith, parenthood, and writing.  They are compiling a soon to be published book of short stories, essays, and poems.  They accepted a story I wrote based on dealing with my dad's stroke a few years ago.  The prize was a gift card to Amazon, with which I quickly purchased the soundtrack to Les Miserables.  Hugh Jackman has been agonizing through song from my stereo since.  I have to pause in whatever I'm doing when he sings Bring Him Home because it's so poignant and prayerful and longing and beautiful, I can't think about anything else. 

Anyhoo....MMW has since invited me to regularly post on their site, every other Friday for now.  My first post there will be Feb. 22.  I am very honored to be invited to contribute.  I'm not Mormon, but I have a good friend who is, and our doctrinal differences don't detract a thing from our sistership.

I expect to acquire some new friends over at MMW and learn as much as possible about being part of a writing team that is passionate about faith, family, and writing.  I hope I don't goof up too often.

Lent started yesterday, and with that came my 40 days of no chocolate.  Chocolate and I have been close buds for too long now, and it's time I create some space between us.  It's become too clingy and demanding.  Every time I pass the refrigerator, the chocolate chips fly out and scream "Eat me!"  They're ruling the roost.

Yesterday, I made brownies for my husband.  I didn't eat any brownies, but without thinking, I licked batter off the spatula.

Already, Easter is too far away.


Mari said...

Beautiful roses and gorgeous baby!
Congrats on winning the contest too!

Tamera Brose said...

Those roses are gorgeous and what is more wonderful than a new baby. Congrats on winning the contest. They say write what you know and you know about your father and his ups and downs. I'll have to stay posted more often. BTW I can't count the times I've absent-mindedly licked the spoon to anything chocolate. It's a perk of being the cook.

Pam Williams said...

Mare, I love your writing style. It flows so freely and always makes me smile. Beautiful roses and wee one by the way!

momto8 said...

roses chocolate and a newborn baby..what more is there?!

betty said...

congrats on winning that writing contest! Love the roses; such a beautiful array of colors!! I gave up snacks for Lent; I think it was two fold, but it is helping me stick to my diet a bit more. Brownies do look good!

congrats to the family for the new bundle of joy!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the newest member of the family, Mare:) Happy Birthday, little one!

Sweet that you won the short story contest and will now be sharing regular posts. Best wishes for that to be sure!

No chocolate! That's a tough one to give up for Lent!

Brenda said...

I have never seen such a pretty bouquet of roses. Seriously, they are beautiful! And so is the grand-niece!
I hear ya on the chocolate. I enjoyed it (emphasis on past tense!) in my bowl of creamy rice cereal nearly every morning (I'm strange that way). I decided to quit when the choc. chips ran out. Amazingly I've done fine.

Rosalind Adam said...

Lovely roses, fabulous baby and congrats on the story. What is it about chocolate? I suspect there's a secret ingredient added at sweet factories to keep us all hooked on the stuff.
Rosalind Adam is Writing in the Rain

Michael Ann said...

The roses are lovely...and yes, newborns are just so sweet. Congratulations on your new writing gig and the story acceptance!!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Oh my what lovely roses......lol
Newborn babies are so adorable and smell so good.......

Chatty Crone said...

Lovely flowers!
Happy Belated Valentine's Day! ♥

Dana said...

Such a beautiful baby! What a blessing. Congratulations!

Congrats, too, on your short story win! How wonderful that you were asked to post on the site regularly. ☺

Lynn Proctor said...

oh my what a lovely baby--and roses--just beautiful!