Sweeping into the New Year

The past four weeks, life has been full of emotion.

1.  Baby Juliet was born.  Her grandpa is my brother, the ex-clown.  He is over the moon about his second grandchild.  Even though they kept him locked outside the nursery. 

Juliet's tiny toes now greet everyone who visits this blog.  

2.   I experienced the wonderful awesomeness that is Les Miserables.  Hugh Jackman is so good; Anne Hathaway is painfully good.  I cried, and then cried some more.  Even Russell Crowe is decent.  Who knew he could sing?  Kind of.


3. Christmas was wonderful, despite the fact that one son and daughter-in-law were absent and my normally enthusiastic Dad seemed a bit low-key.

4.  The day after Christmas, Dad's b.p. dropped and his legs gave out.  He was admitted to the hospital, where he stayed for five days.  He's now in rehab with a back-up of side effects from one medication and seemingly (but not confirmed) worsening Parkinson's symptoms.  More tests to come.

5. A second burner on my stove began to work intermittently (I already have one that heats only if I smack it a few times), so I decided the 22-year old relic was ready to retire.  The new stove (a flat-top - yay!) arrives on Saturday.  I hope I can figure the thing out. 

6.  Our daughter became a Godmother for the first time to the son of her best childhood friend.  We had so fun much smooching on this sweet child.  He's a happy little dude.  Our daughter and her friend are all grown up.  Sniff.  

6.   I discovered I'm the only one on the planet not watching Downton Abbey.  With all the hoopla, I wonder what I'm missing and will have to rent seasons of later.  I did that with the The X-files, and lost two weeks of my life.  I'd rather not do that again. (Although getting to know Mulder and Scully was completely worth it.)

All this, and it's only January.

How is your New Year going?


Juli said...

I am also not watching. Though I will say that we bought season one of Once Upon A Time and got completely hooked... we watched it and season 2's beginnings all in one weekend.

It was nice being a couch potato for a change. :)

Mari said...

My New Year is similar to yours. I'm watching the first season of Downton Abby as I type this and am loving it!
My Dad also went into the hospital the day after Christmas. He was there for 8 days and is still not doing great.
No babies here though!

Mari said...

I just realized you aren't watching D Abbey - you need to!

Dana said...

I haven't seen Downton Abbey either. :)

Congrats on all the beautiful babies surrounding you! Praying for your dad. Keep us posted.

Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I am not watching Downton Abbey either. I was contemplating buying it to watch. But, that is the thing about band wagons, I just naturally stray away from them. =)
Glad you are getting a new flat top. That is going to be so cool for you!

renae said...

Mare! Wow! So many events. Your Dad has parkinson's? or getting it?

My Dad had it for 18 yrs. A very humbling disease at best.

New babies? Oh I love new babies.

Downton Abbey = not me. My sis Mary is hooked but I have better things to do than get involved with that series and then see it over and over in the next 10 yrs like Anne of Green Gables.

Take care, my dear! Ya it's just January 7th. (hug)

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Happy New Year to you! I've had a flat top here and there - neither were brand new to me. So the prior owners messed up the glass top, where I am SURE mine would be flawless ;-) Just read the care instructions. I don't miss cleaning - what do you call those tin things under the burner things?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's been a quiet start to the new year here. You have had a lot of ups and downs in such a short time. I'm a Downton Abby fan and am enjoying seeing a 3rd season come our way. We can only hope for more ups than downs and take em as they come.

Joyce said...

Babies make everything a little bit sweeter : ) Happy New Year!

Tamera Brose said...

My husband and I were X-File fans until Mulder and Scully left. Some of it was great and some of it was just stupid and some of it was just creepy and bad. Babies are wonderful. I'm sorry to hear your dad is having more health problems. I hold my breath every time my mom gets a cold or anything. Happy New Year.

Michael Ann said...

See, you are not a lone in the Downton Abby thing! I WANT to watch -- it looks like a show I would love. But I too want to see the first season.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

So far this year we have had a couple of birthdays with about 4 more to come, so a busy month birthday wise......

I also have never seen Downtown Abby heard a lot about it but never gotten around to watching it

Michelle said...

We could start a club: the folks who haven't watched Downtown Abby! I'd join.

Marianne said...

I have to type fast so I remember everything.

FIRST - LOVE LOVE LOVE the toes greeting everyone. Talk about a fantastic welcome!

SECOND - Sh*t. Now I can't remember.

THIRD - Seeing Les Mis Thursday! So excited.

What number am I on?

Oh - I'm totally the only one in my circle not doing Downtown Abbey either.

It's like we're one, Mare!

The Other Mar

Lynn Proctor said...

awww cute babies---sounds like you had a nice Christmas--sorry about your dad-----and me too on the downtown abby thing--i am wanting to catch up on it too--it sounds like it must be very similar to "upstairs downstairs" which i adored--happy new year again :)

Cindy Dwyer said...

Loving the baby pics. My friend had a boy on Monday, so I totally need a baby fix but I'm recovering from the flu and stay far, FAR away. Sniff.

Rita said...

Baby toes! Been decades for me. Love it!

Downton Abby--is a must! It will be worth it.

Glad your dad is okay and getting better. Scary!

2013 is progressing quite well. :)

netablogs said...

Babies..can't wait till I have a grandbaby! As for Downton Abbey, I borrowed Season 1 last year, bought season 2 at Costco, and now I'm going to wait till I can buy or borrow Season 3.. I'm not addicted, but my hubby and i did enjoy watching it and I'm looking forward to Season 3. :) As for Les Mis....WOW! I loved it! I would like to purchase it when it comes out because it's the kind of movie to watch more than once!

Danielle L Zecher said...

I hope you're enjoying the new stove. I love a flat-top stove. :-)

You're not the only one not watching Downtown Abby! I'm beginning to wonder if I should watch it too...