An Award and a Crackerjack Prize!

A kind blogger buddy gave me an award this week.

Thank you Jerralea from Jerralea's Journey!

I love the 'sisterhood' idea, because there really is a unique friendship that evolves on Blogwarts where women share their lives and hearts.  It's a wonderful place full of estrogen and chocolate.   I try to visit at least twice a week.

The homework that comes with this award is the 7/7 assignment:  share 7 things about yourself, and then pass the award on to 7 blogging sisters.   I figure there's a lot of information about yours truly all over this blog, so, instead, I'm going to post 7 pictures - snippets of life here in the Ballpark.  There might be a quiz involved.  Update:  Quiz is now closed. 

1.  What are these?
     a.  the names of my cats
     b.  the names of my children
     c.  the names of the hurricanes that ripped through central Florida in 2004.  We had to get a new roof, which now has a leak, but I'm not bitter.  OK, maybe I am. 
     d.  the names of the sandwiches at Hurricane Grill

2.  What is this?
     a.  my favorite sandwich
     b.  a sandwich my husband loves, but I hate 
     c.  Meryl Streep's favorite sandwich
     d.  the ex-clown's favorite sandwich

 3.  What are these?
     a.  fancy paint stirrers
     b.  crooked rulers
     c.  mummy fingers I uncovered on an archaeological dig in Malaysia
     d.  Halloween sugar cookies

5.  Who is this?
    a.  the ex-clown
    b.  Miss Curly-Cute with a shrimp on her nose
    c.  my high-school graduation picture
    d.  four-year old Drew Barry's mug shot

6.  What is this?
    a.  a flower lasso and some colorless Rubik's cubes
    b.  a Home Depot project that went awry
    c.  I have no idea
    d.  a 9 (the flowers) 11 (the twin towers) tribute created by our daughter's high school students.  I welled up when I first saw it. 

7.  What is this?
    a.  a quilt I made, but it had too many arms 
    b.  a potholder
    c.  last year's swimsuit
    d.  a never worn Coldwater Creek cotton jacket I'm giving away (the tag says size 16, but it runs small; I'd say it's a 14.)

There ya' go!  Put your answers in the comments box, and the first one to get all the right answers wins the jacket - if you want it.  If you don't want it, I'll send you some Ballpark brownies.  If you don't want the jacket, or the brownies, you can still put your answers in the comments box, and discover how smart you are when I share the answers in the next post.

As to passing on the award to 7 bloggers, that's like asking a mom to pick her favorite kid.   I enjoy so many blogs, I'm going to offer the award to any reader who wants it.  I've seen a few bloggers do that recently, and I'm stealing the idea.  I can't pick just 7, and you can't make me.

Thank you, Jerralea, for thinking of me and giving me the opportunity to unload that jacket.

Who will win??!?!?!  The suspense is worse than waiting for the last season of Lost.


Juli said...

C B D B D D (and I totally want it)

Kerrie said...

Dear Maree,

Firstly, Congratulations on your award!

Love love love! Did I mention that I LOVE THIS? Love!

What a wonderful start to my week! Why? Because you made me smile lots, with your unique and very creative way to share this award with others.

Okay, here go my answers.

1. C
2. B
3. D
4. This is a trick question. There is no question four. (heehee)
5. B
6. D
7. D

I'll check back later, just to see how smart I am. (smile and a wink)

Wishing you a blessed week!

Love, Kerrie

Kerrie said...

Ooh, my dear friend Mare - sorry about spelling your name incorrectly {above} - it was a typo. Seriously. Grrr - naughty keyboard!

Don't you just hate it when people always spell your name wrong? I do. Usually, but not always, others will write my name as Kerry instead of Kerrie.

Okay, just a bit of trivia about me. Smiling at cha! Have a good one!

Rita said...

CADBDD Just guessing on the favorite sandwich one--no clue. ;)

Cindy Dwyer said...

What a creative post. I loved the questions for each matching photo.

I would've guessed c,b,d,b,d,d - but I'm not sure if I would have noticed the missing #4 if not for cheating and reading the other answers ahead of time.

Cindy said...

Ok Mare, I don't usually get to play these games, since I don't look at facebook often enough to play. . .till they are over. I love that you do stuff like this. 1.c, 2.d (I am guessing)3.d, 4. there is no 4, 5.b,6.d,7.d. Ok I wouldn't be able to wear the jacket and as much as I would like some nostalgic brownies, I cannot be trusted with brownies.Great to connect with you Mare. I can't believe it is almost October 2012! Love, Cindy

momto8 said...

congrats to you! just the sound of the award is fabulous! love your multiple choice...smiles!

Marianne said...

Congrats! You are a hoot!

betty said...

congrats on the awards; I got the name of hurricaines but that's about it :)


Kenya G. Johnson said...

I just wanted to chime in with a comment. I happen to know that yall got a lot of hurricanes the year we left there (2004) - we left in May. BUT those could also be Sandwich names. Is there a Hurricane Grill? Since its on a pretty sign, I want to say they are sandwiches.

Jerralea said...

You get the prize of being the most creative award winner! Love the way you did this!

That was very sneaky ... leaving out #4 ...

Lynn Proctor said...

congrats---you are great fun!!

Unknown said...

Very entertaining, such a fun idea! Congrats on your award, you totally deserve it. 1c,2b,3c,5b,6b,7d

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Watch me get these wrong.......

congrats on the award

Karen Lange said...

Congrats on the award! This is a great idea. I might borrow it sometime. :) That sandwich looks pretty yummy...

renae said...

oh thank you sweet lady! Thank you! Did you see his picture on my post today? He and my daughter together. She is the one he carried around the house as a baby. sweet, huh? Your quizzes were hilarious! Those witch fingers were really really really creepy. Yay! Halloween is soon!!!

renae said...

And ...we are using the same fonts. I didn't realize that. I knew I had seen it on a blog but wasn't sure where. It's Memories of Christmas or something? It was the only font that was both on blogger.com and photobucket.com. So I went with it. I really do love it. Great minds think alike!!! LOL

renae said...

o my gosh ...and, the only cute font on both functions. I'm sure there are basic fonts that are on both.................. anyways, see ya!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

So no hurricane grill? I was right but I was more excited about them being hurricane sandwiches ;-)