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I'm a little bummed today.  Here's why:

1.  I've gained ten pounds this past year.  My cholesterol is way up, and I have to go on niacin therapy.   I have a tender, swollen thumb joint that's probably arthritis or bursitis, or some other "itis" that I'm likely going to have to live with.  I know all this good news because I had my annual check-up yesterday. 

2.  The upkeep on our house is a getting the better of me this month, and lately, I don't care.

3.  I have to finish writing my book, and I'm dragging my feet, because once I'm done...I have to find a publisher.  That's when the real work begins.

4.  My birthday is next month, and I tell ya', I'm feeling my age.  And older.

5.  I'm always tired, and I'm tired of being tired.

In light of the latest Colorado tragedy, these are piddly things.  I know this.  But, in reality, I can't do anything about the victims in Colorado, except pray for all involved (which I'm doing.)

In my life, with my issues, I have to do stuff.  Like take more pills, put up with side effects, stop eating cupcakes (probably stop baking them), deep clean, discipline my writing self, and reconcile fatigue and aging.

For whatever reason - today, it's all discouraging.

Then, I read this verse in my daily devotional:

In everything, give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.  1 Thes. 5:18

Hmm.  Well, then. 

This is not a new verse in my life.  I know we are to be grateful for everything.  But, initially, I just gripe about negative/burdensome/painful things.  It always takes me a while to remember God is the healer of all ailments/problems/tragedies.  He does not cause afflictions (that's the free will thing), but He can use them for good in our lives. That's what He calls us to be grateful for.  The fact that, in His loving, sovereign hands, nothing is wasted. 

In my reworded God-speak, He's saying "Your human condition is just one piece of the operation. The project is not complete until I weave it all together.  Trust me. I'm working on one spectacular tapestry."

So, while God weaves, I'll keep plugging along, trying to eat better and stay on top of things here in the Ballpark.  I'll stay the course on completing my book.  I'll work on accepting lumpy joints and other delights of aging.     

I know there's a cozy, healing blanket in the works.  And for that, I'm thankful.  


momto8 said...

I think we all have cycles of ups and downs..the saints tell us God is the closest when He seems the farthest.
happy day today!

Unknown said...

Hope it helps Mare...

"Do not look forward to what might happen tomorrow; the same everlasting Father who cares for you today will take care of you tomorrow, and every day. Either He will shield you from suffering, or He will give you unfailing strength to bear it. Be at peace, then, and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations."
-St Francis de Sales

Michael Ann said...

It is really hard to "let go and let God" when you are feeling overwhelmed. Our instinct is to worry and fret and get down. I'm right there with you. I just had "minor" surgery to repair a perforated eardrum, and Lordy and I learning there is no such thing as "minor" surgery. I have things to DO and this recovery is WAY more than I expected. And now they say I will feel like crap for the next month or so as my body heals. I am alone and vulnerable and feeling horrible, wondering how I'm going to take each day one at a time through all this. Your post today was helpful to remind me I am not alone going through troubles and what that I can do this.

betty said...

I like your #5; I'm always tired too so I understand that feeling. Good reminder though that you got to give thanks always. Its hard to do at times though indeed! But when we realize our very next breath comes from God, it is humbling and does help us to remember to give thanks to him for everything always in all ways :)


Tamera Brose said...

You sound very normal and human. If we didn't have bad days or weeks we wouldn't appreciate the good ones we have as much. Sleep, chocolate, prayer, something really funny, service, a good bubble bath or refreshing shower, and some good conversation won't make the bumps, cholesterol, pounds, or housework go away, but they can all help make the not so good stuff more manageable.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Life is full of ups and downs and bumbs in the road...........if you are tired of being tired try being me, I am fed up with wanting to go to bed at 7.30-8pm at night......I also know how it sucks when we have arthritis in the fingers since I have that too.......but then at the wonderful age of 49 my body is starting to feel it's age

renae said...

You sound like you are living. That is what life is. When my husband died in 1991 I was weird (the best word for it) for 4 years. I finally had to have some counseling and I attended a group session for about 4-5 times. I came away from that with this: Life is for the living! We are to live and make the best of the bumpy knuckles and the soar backs. (those are my ailments) Your post was enlightening. thank you

Lauren said...

Wow, what a great way to put it, Mare. God is, indeed, working on one spectacular tapesty. :)

This verse has spoken to me recently as well. It always reminds me of a part in one of my favorite books - Corrie Ten Boom's autobiography "the Hiding Place." She and her sister arrive in a concentration camp where the beds are full of lice, and the first thing her sister does is get down on her knees and thank God for the lice. In everything give thanks.

Turns out the guards at the camp stayed away from them because of the lice, and they were able to hide Bibles, medicine, and other things from the guards because of that.

I was maybe 7 when I first read that, but it's stayed with me. Lately I've been trying to remember to give God thanks even for the things that seem dreadful, because He alone knows whats good, and He alone provided them.

Tracy MacDonald said...

Mare, what a great post. I too find new aches almost daily, struggle with my love of cupcakes and ice cream, and am also dragging my feet in the real work of finding an agent/publisher/editor. Closer than I was yesterday, but not where I should be. I like your interpretation of the passage- very healing thoughts.
A2Z Mommy and What’s In Between

Michelle said...

Oh, thank you! This is a very timely post for me. I was feeling dragged down by the usual, never ending, stuff of life, and then I read this. Give thanks with a grateful heart! Today I will work on my list of thanksgiving instead of my list of complaints!

Anonymous said...

I totally could've written this! I love your perspective. I think I will print that out to remind me when I'm feeling overwhelmed and discouraged.


Marianne said...

Hang in there. Times like this, I go to church. I'm Catholic. They have WINE there.

Joyce said...

This was so good. No matter our problems or the fact that someone else out there always has bigger, more serious stuff going on, our problems are still our problems. I could so relate to so much of what you said, including the tired bit. Menopause-blech.

I really liked your perspective and the verse. My favorite since I hit 50 is Lam. 3:22-24....Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.” It encorages me to keep going, that tomorrow is a new day.


Marsha Young said...

I like your ball park analogy. We are big Giants fans - so here is a thought or two:

The Panda has a pulled hamstring,
Aubry Huff hurt his shoulder, and had "anxiety issues",
Hector hurt something else, (a thumb maybe?)
Lincecum backslid back into his slump
Bandon Belt cannot see the ball
...and on and on it goes.

But they keep on winning, somehow, someway...

We really do have to "play hurt" in life - sometimes fairly often,

but through Him we really do keep on winning, even when it seems impossible. :)

Hope your week gets better.

Tales of Beauty For Ashes said...

Thank you do much for sharing and linking up with us today. This is not an easy thing to do. Sometimes it s hard to find things to be grateful for, we can alwsys praise God for His Son.

Kelly said...

It's SO easy to remember that verse when things are going well isn't it? But then when things aren't going so well...that's when we need to ABSORB it the most isn't it? Thank you so much for linking up to In the Word Wednesday!

Lynn Proctor said...

thinking of you--hope you have a blessed weekend :)

Lilly Forever! said...

Isn't it amazing how God puts scripture in our path just when we need it! I am so pleased that you found that scripture! I hope things get better each day. I am a new member of your blog. Check out my blog - OMGalmost50.blogspot.com
Have a good weekend!

Melanie said...

You are so beautiful, inside and out! I hate the times where we feel like everything is falling apart around us, but (since I'm on the outside looking in) I think of it as evidence of a life lived. A dirty house is evidence that life has happened there. A sore, aging, heavier body is evidence that you have run and moved and enjoyed all that life has to offer. Are there consequences to life? Of course! But think of all that you would have missed if you had spent all your time cleaning, dieting, and focusing on a to-do list! We can always do better than we have in the past, but never regret what is already lived because it makes you the amazing woman you are!

Marie said...

I enjoyed this post and can relate to it especially here lately. :} I try to remember to let the annoying things go and focus more on all the blessings I do have in my daily life. It is ok to improve things.:) Hope you have a lovely weekend Mare!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Beautiful post! You were having a 'sorry box' moment as my grandfather used to say. I'm glad the scripture helped you find your way out of it. Congrats on the book. I can't wait to know more about it. Yes finding a publisher and marketing is the stinking hard part.