Friday Flashback #2

I shake my head every time I read this.  It's just sad.  Feb. 4, 2011...

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I have a great meatloaf recipe that is full of pork fat, cow fat, cheese fat, and mayo fat.   It's delicious, thank you very much, Paula Deen.   

I normally bake this 2-pound fat concoction in one loaf pan.  But I always wonder if it's done in the middle, because it's one hunk of meat.  

Last week, I decided to split the fat between two loaf pans, ensuring thorough cooking and minimizing cook time.  

So we could ingest the cholesterol sooner.  

It worked beautifully.

I pulled out the first loaf pan and transferred it to the cooling board with my silicone potholder, which my husband calls the Gator Grip...  

...and promptly dropped the pan into the dish water.  

The pan sizzled, and the suds gushed in as the pan sank in a cock-eyed fashion.   

I swooped it out, but it was too late.  All that yummy fat...ruined.

In a wild and harebrained moment, I wondered if I could squeeze dish soap out of ground meat. 

My husband entered the kitchen at the moment and paused.  "What is that?"

"Meatloaf with dish water," I replied.

He thought about this.  "Is that what we're having for dinner?"


He didn't even look fazed.  "Hhmm.  Can't you just rinse it off?  It'll be OK."

We hate to waste good fat.  

I pressed my hand against the meat and turned it upside down over the sink to let the dish water spill out.  The loaf broke apart and plopped in the sink like canned dog food.  

It was disgusting.  I won't even post a picture of it.   

I've never dropped meatloaf in the dish water before.   I blame it on the Gator Grip.  Which, apparently, isn't that gripping.  

It works great with a cookie sheet, broiler pan, hot plate, trivet.  Any item that slides into it horizontally. 

Loaf pan?  Not so much. 

Just so you know.   In case you have a Gator Grip.  

Don't let your fat go down the drain. 

p.s.  I used a dish towel to remove the second meatloaf from the oven.  How nice that I made two, instead of one.  Sometimes I just luck out. 



Melanie said...

See, your trying to get things done quickly benefited you greatly in the end. I love that your husband just asked you to get the soap out and he'd still eat it. That is the mark of a true man. Still, that sucks. Meat loaf is an art form. For the future, you should get those pans with the 6 or more tiny loaves in them for meat loaf. They come out in single size portions, store easily, and cook faster. I use them because I don't eat beef and my husband is allergic to turkey, so when I make meat loaf I have to do one batch of each kind. Handy!

Lynn Proctor said...

oh my what a shame--i love meatloaf and i actually think it is a lot of trouble, so i would have been really upset :(

Barbara In Caneyhead said...

I actually laughed out loud! Sounds so much like my household...Good thing they already think I'm crazy here at work, as I'm reading this on my lunch time.

Tamera Brose said...

Is it okay to laugh, since it wasn't me? I shall learn from your misfortune and not use gator grips on a meatloaf pan.

Rita said...

That gator grip doesn't look like it would be safe for anything in my hands! Even though I love that it is red--LOL!

That is so funny and so sad at the same time. I'm glad you had decided to split it in two so you still had dinner. ;)

Happy Friday the 13th!!

Chatty Crone said...

I won't - lol. sandie

Marianne said...

You've already made two more meatloafs (meatloaves??) than I ever have. Your husband sounds like a keeper! Hilarious.

renae said...

L O L ,
L O L !!!!

betty said...

good thinking for making two that time around!! it does look delicious though!


Karen Jones Gowen said...

A lot of work goes into making a meat loaf, the staple of the family menu back in the 50's and 60's. Glad to know some families are still enjoying them! But covered in dish soap? Oh my! Reminds me of when I baked a peach pie that the dog pulled off the counter. He ate half before I caught him and chased him off. My husband said, "Let's eat it anyway." So we did.

Crack You Whip said...

Sadly, my fat...ALL of it..needs to go down the drain. I'll be sure not to invest in a "gator grip!"

Michael Ann said...

I would have totally tried to save it the same way. Love your husband for his easygoing spirit!

Elizabeth said...

I love a good, funny post. I would have probably tried to rescue the drowned meatloaf too.
When I first started reading this post, where you said "cow fat" I saw "crow fat"!!! And thought, What?!?!
I really do have poor vision.

Blessed Serendipity said...

You had me laughing out loud throughout the entire story. I had to read it aloud to my husband and he enjoyed it too. I love your writing. Glad you made two so you still could eat.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

I have never seen anything like your Gator Grip........although it does look kind of cool......lol

What a waste of good fat, I mean food and how lucky you made two that time........lol But did the second one taste good and did it look at good as the first one........

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love men. Bless your hubby. I tell you most men would of been the mad hatter. Your hubby is a keeper.

My husband burned the spareribs last year. So he said never fear. He scraped off the burnt meat.I think it was the B.Q sauce that made it into a flame.
Then he sat down and ate it. Saying not bad. Taste it. Not to hurt his feelings as he was doing the sauce for me.I took it and yes ate it.

It was not bad inside was rather juicy in spite of. Then with corn on the cob side plate and later cho dessert. It was good.
The Gator grip does look nasty looking let alone to handle.

Danielle L Zecher said...

That meatloaf sounds really good. Good for you making two batches like that. That's so awesome that your husband was willing to eat it if you could get it rinsed off.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Your post totally cracked me up. Good thinking making two meat loaves. I do, too, but it's always one for sandwich fixings, and one for the freezer. We hardly ever eat it for dinner, but love it for sandwiches. (Ya know, the fat provided by the ground meats alone isn't nearly enough, so I like to melt a slab of pepper jack cheese on it...)

notes4neta said...

Thanks for the tip on the Gator Grip -- never seen one of those before! As for the ruined food, that is really too bad! I would have tried to clean it up and serve it, if at all possible..I hate throwing out food (although I have done it many a time over the years!) As for the fat, I consider animal fat a good fat, so I'm really sorry for your loss! ;)

Joanne said...

Awww that would totally happen to me! Glad you had a spare:O) Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. Good luck with your sunflowers!
Blessings, Joanne

Emmy said...

Oh no! And yes as much as I wish that didn't happen I am glad it fell out of the pan and you didn't try and eat soapy meatloaf :)

Kenya G. Johnson said...

LOL!!! I'm pretty clumsy as it is. I better stick to the old fashioned oven mitts. I'm really laughing that you tried to salvage one meatloaf when you had another. LOL!

Becca said...

Hehe. Does your husband always respond so calmly?