A Dazzling, Fabulous Day

It's the first day of spring, and it's beautiful here in the Sunshine state.

The ex-clown is in town, and I'm preparing a family dinner tonight of Omaha steaks and a few sides.  My daughter is making croutons, and I'm making split-pea soup, which I've never made before.  All I can say is...the color of it is not that appealing.    

Luckily, it's darn tasty, so maybe we can eat it with our eyes closed.  

On this lovely day, I'd like thank a few people who have done some sweet things for me this week.

1.  An enthusiastic thank you to Lisa at ALL THINGS CAMPBELL for designing the new baseball links to your left.  They were exactly what I was looking for!  If you're looking for creative additions to your blog/website, drop her a line.  She was a peach to work with.

2.  A surprised thank you to Carri at SIMPLY DONE WRIGHT for featuring Adventures in the Ballpark as her Dazzling Blog for the week.  Carri has a beautiful blog and loves the camaraderie, linking, and networking that grows from blogging.  She's like the social director on planet Blogwarts.  Thank you, Carri!

3.  Danielle at SWEET TEA READS gave me this...

A heartfelt thank you to Danielle for thinking of me.

I'm feeling pretty fabulous and dazzled this week because of these kind women.  And, the ex-clown is providing pies for dessert tonight.  I'm telling ya', it's like Christmas around here. 

The Dazzling Blog feature doesn't require any self-revelations.  Carri did a write-up about Adventures on her blog and said some very nice things.  Click on her link above, if you'd like to see it.  It's just pure gift.  I'm humbled and appreciative, and I'd like to thank the members of the academy and my mom, who is really the English teacher/editor/writer in the family.   I share this badge with her.

The fabulous blog ribbon must be shared, which I'm happy to do.  First, though, the required self-revelations:  Name five things I've experienced in my life that were fabulous. 

I wonder how Streep would respond.  Hopefully, she's reading.  (Hi, Meryl!)

My fab five:

1. Holding my three slimy, wrinkly, perfect, fresh-from-heaven children on the days they were born.

2. Winning $1,000.00 at a church raffle.  Way fabulous.

3.  Receiving a letter of recognition from my congressman for my ten years of teaching character education to high-school students.

4.  Purchasing our first house, the one we're still in twenty years later.  The coolest feature was the loft, which is now where I write.

5.  Anytime I savor really good chocolate, it's fabulous.

List five things I hate:

1.  Brussell sprouts.  However, I like cabbage.  Go figure.
2.  Foul language.  It's unnecessary.  Raise the bar.
3.  People who blame their problems on someone else.
4.  Throwing up.  I can't begin to tell you how much I hate this. 
5.  Stubbing my toes.  I've broken two toes this way, and it's extremely painful.  If toes weren't necessary for balance, I'd have mine removed.  They're in the way.

Five things I love:

I created a page last year that covers this category.  This helps me on tough days when I need to remember there are fabulous and dazzling things in the world for which I'm grateful.  Scroll to the top of the blog and click on the tab that reads "Home Runs" for seventeen things I love.  You only have to read five.

Pass the award to five other bloggers (and leave a comment on their blog, so they know they are a recipient.)

1.  Cari at Bubblegum on my Shoe. She writes poignantly and witty-ly from the heart about life as a single mom.

2.  Tamera at Housekeeping, Down Syndrome, and Autism Stuff.  Enough said.  This girl has her hands full.

3.  Jen at We're Living a Full Life.  She is a sweetheart with a passion for all the right things.

4.  Marie at Women Talk About Life.  Otherwise known as Sweet Marie.  And she is.

5.  Laura and Falen at Upward not Inward.  This is a spiritually inspirational blog.  These girls have a heart for God.

Thanks to all these great fellow bloggers, whom I found through the A-Z Blogging Challenge in April.  Blogwarts is a wonderful place.

Non-bloggers suspect/think Blogwarts is a loony bin.

But hey, I say, drinkers bond over booze, quilters bond over fabrics, bakers over cupcakes, and football fans over a touchdown.  Writers bond over shared words inside a column that scrolls down forever.

It keeps us off the streets.


Rita said...

What a lovely, lovely post! I just plain like everything about it. :)

Unknown said...

Wow Mare, what a compliment!
I gratefully accept your "fabulous ribbon" you're very sweet to think of me.

Danielle L Zecher said...

You're so right about the stubbed toes! I hope you all have an amazing dinner and a wonderful time.

momto8 said...

a fun post!! always interesting to know more about fellow bloggers. we won a brand new Prius at our church raffle....just as we started tithing too..

Chatty Crone said...

I love getting to know you better too. sandie

Dana said...

Your loft sounds fabulous! I long for a writing space like that.

Congrats on your awards! You deserve them. :)

Falen said...

What an honor!! Thank you sooo much!!! Sooo not a fan of throwing up either. I will go to extreme measures to ensure that it does not happen. Worst feeling ever! Haha.

Marie said...

Thank you so much! You are so kind to include me along with these fabulous ladies. :) You and I have a lot in common. Chocolate is always fabulous!
Hope your dinner and the pies were delicious tonight. I'm sure you had a blast with the ex-clown around. :)
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Marie said...

Almost forgot to mention, I just love those baseball links! They are so cute! I would love flowers.:)

Lisa Campbell said...

You're welcome! Glad to hear I'm a "peach." Thanks :)

Plant Seeds of Happiness said...

I am with you I hate the Brussels sprouts but love cabbage. Congrats on the awards you have been blessed. I am a fan of the Omaha steaks I just need to get their coolers recycled they are taking up all my sunporch space. Have a great weekend :))

Anonymous said...

I talked to Meryl last night while we were blogging together......ooooops... ( sorry I get my real life and fantasies confused...lol)
I love you pro's and cons lists of loves and hates...I am so with you on everything... especially the throwing up thing... ugh! I love the holding your children especially... I look back to those days often myself.... Great post as usual.... Have a great day!!


Melanie said...

Am I the only one who cracked up at the former clown bringing pies for dessert??? Oh, I love real-life irony!

And congrats on your awards. You deserve them!

And I'm sorry I have a potty mouth, but I am totally creative with it. But I'm totally with you on your other things!

Lynn Proctor said...

how cool that you write in a loft!

kim said...

Love, love Omaha steaks! The soup looks weird but I'm sure it was delicious! And I'm a little bit envious of your writing space. I'm usually on the couch with my lap top and two kids climbing all over me.

Juli said...

I broke another toe the other day. This makes four... It's really not fun, and the purple bruise does not match my toe nail polish.

Jerralea said...

I'm so glad to meet you, Mare. I see we have some things in common: I've had three wrinkly slimy fresh from heaven children, too, and I can't tell you how much I hate foul language.

You seem to be what I love most - someone with a sense of humor. I'll be back.

Tracy said...

congrats on your awards...well deserved! now about those things you love and hate. I have to agree about the chocolate and the brussel sprouts. I'd take chocolate anyday!

Fran@Broken Cookies Don't Count said...

Congrats on your award, Mare! You do a great job!

Cari said...

I finally strolled over here, took my time, didn't I? Well thanks so very much! I shall get to sharing it, soonish;) I must concoct some witty replies, heehee. Love your blog, the awards and recognition are well deserved.

I love brussel sprouts! Haven't always, but chopped up with some olive oil, salt and pepper, to die for. My kids even eat them. Go figure.