Search, and You Will Find...

I've recovered from the A-Z Blogging Challenge and thought I'd poke around my blog stats to see who clicked in during the month of April.

I was amazed to see that I had visitors from India, England, Turkey, Australia, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Singapore and Russia.  I assume there's a translation widget somewhere in the blogosphere that enables me to transmit in perfect Indian, Russian, Spanish, Filipino and Singaporean.  How cool is that?

I also looked at my "search" words.  These are words people plug into Google to find something, and one of my blog posts pops up because it contains that word/words.

Words like these:

tree stump

mango rash


bent spoon

swollen finger

blue bingo card

rose bush


Yep, these are my "search" words.  Makes you wonder what kind of twisted events occur here in the Ballpark.  Thank God for my hearty rose bush and chocolate.  They offer sweet relief from the other disturbing images.  I can't help but wonder who was looking for information on a blue bingo card.

Anyhoo...if you have Googled the above words and ended up here, I added a page to this blog just for you, so you won't exit here needing therapy.  It offers a more complete look at my writing - full sentences and everything.

Just click on the "THE WARM-UP" tab at the top of the page and peruse a bit.  If you still run screaming, I'll understand.


Falen said...

At least someone has recovered. Haha. Those words are quite interesting! How do you find out those statistics about your blog? How very fascinating.

notes4neta said...

Never thought to check my stats, but now I think I will! Thanks for the idea!

betty said...

Cool you did this with your statistics, I haven't done that in awhile, I'll have to go and take a look (been too busy with the A/Z challenge, LOL). I'm really "bad" about not doing tag words, I need to remember to do that.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Cari said...

Mango rash? Sometimes I don't think Google is the Know-it-all it claims to be. And wow, you posted today...I am chilling out in a blog coma;)

Anonymous said...

I haven't recovered from the A-Z Challenge yet, so kudos to you! Once someone found my site by searching for "squirrel holding a pencil"--yes, there is a picture of a squirrel but she is only holding a nut! And, then people keep coming back for "son's hairy legs"--hope they enjoy that picture! Tee, hee.

Brenda said...

It amazes me how people find our blogs using such crazy search words. Blue bingo card is too funny!