INTERVIEW with the Ex-clown

Regular readers know that I have a brother who is an engineer.  In his younger days, he was also a professional clown.  I don't think he was ever in the circus, but he entertained many a child at parties and church events. 

I write about him once in a while, and he tolerates my ramblings.  (For posts on the ex-clown, check out "the ex-clown" file folder.)  He's a good egg.

For I Day, I sent him 26 questions to answer.  Each question focuses on a letter of the alphabet - an expansion on the A-Z challenge.  Here we go...

1.  What is your favorite ART form? (painting, music, writing, crafts, etc.)  Clowning.  

2.  If a BEAR ambled into your house, what would you do? Freeze, and hope he doesn't like frozen food.

3.  Who is your soul mate CARTOON?  Snoopy

4.  Regarding DOUGHNUTS: yeast or cake?  Blueberry cake

5.  Who most ENCOURAGES you?  Wife, Mary

6.  What do you FEAR?  Pain

7.  What is your favorite attribute of GOD?  His capacity for forgiveness.

8.  Your worst HABIT.  Talking too loud.

9.  Your worst INJURY/ILLNESS.  Fractured heel bone

10.  What JOB would you never want to do?  Clean sewers

11.  What would be the best thing about being a KANGAROO?  I could jump high

12.  LEMON Meringue or Key LIME pie?  Lemon Meringue

13.  Favorite MATH equation.  Any equation with pi in it  (especially cherry)

14.  If you owned a NEWSPAPER, what would be its name?  News U Can Use

15.  What is the best financial OFFER you've ever received?  My work retirement plan

16.  Your favorite PARABLE.  The Prodigal Son

17.  If you were QUEEN/KING for a day, what rule would you make?  Do something kind for someone today 

18.  Name one REGRET.  Making an unkind remark to someone

19.  Best SANDWICH you ever hadReuben at Woodside Deli in Maryland

20.  If you could talk to a TRICERATOPS, what would you say?  Ever tried roasted marshmallows? 

21.  Have you ever been to UTAH?  Yes, Lake Powell

22.  Worst VEGETABLE.  Eggplant

23.  Are you happy with your WAISTLINE?  Not really.

24.  Which body part was most recently X-RAYED?  Heel (see injury above)

25.  Name something you did YESTERDAY, but will not do todayEat too much at the Easter party.

26.  Favorite ZOO animalMonkey

There you have it.  Riveting journalism.  

You can now tell your friends you became acquainted with an ex-clown today.  They'll probably be envious.  You can direct them to this post if they want to be part of the "in" crowd. 

p.s. stay tuned for a future interview with Miss Curly-Cute.


Jaime said...

Now, this is a creative post!

Anonymous said...

I love this-very creative and funny! Your brother also seems to have a good sense of humor(which I guess was useful when he was a clown,lol).

soggy in the corner said...

no one in my family is fond of clowns but your brother sounds alright

mare ball said...

Thanks, Michele. My brother IS a clown at heart. I think he's an excellent engineer too, but probably not as funny there. :-)

mare ball said...

HA! Clowns CAN be creepy, for sure, soggy. Glad to have opened your mind a bit. ;-) Thanks for stopping by!

S. said...

I have known this ex-clown for 32 years almost... and I never knew he preferred the monkeys... :)

Anonymous said...

Clowns like to monkey around.