G is for Grandparents

Growing up, I had infrequent visits with my grandparents.  One grandpa had passed away before I was born; the other lived far away and died when I was sixteen.  From my grandmothers, I gained a few, but precious, memories and mementos.

Both my grandmothers had gravy boats that I inherited.

I love the worn, delicate detail on this one.

My maternal grandmother had this one...

It's unique in that the boat is connected to the plate to catch drips. 

These gravy boats come with a long history of family meals and all that transpires around the dinner table: baby's first bite of birthday cake, updates on the school day, good news and bad news, and fighting over the last biscuit.  Families eating together at all.

My children had more time with their grandparents than I did with mine, as our family lived close to the grandparents for four years.  The memories my now grown children have are many.  Some of their favorites:

Grandma always had gum.

Grandpa took them to buy new shoes.

Grandma baked the best sugar cookies (a recipe we still use today.)

Grandpa gave them film canisters filled with coins.

For their birthdays, Grandma would send them the number of dollars that was their age.

Grandpa hugged so tightly, it was hard to breathe.  But, it made them laugh.

Grandpa took them for late-night doughnut runs - after they had pajamas on and brushed their teeth.

At Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa had a "grab-bag" of items they wanted to get rid of.

Grandma had more shoes than they'd ever seen, and purses to match. 

Once they were driving, Grandpa would fill their gas tanks.

Grandparenting today can be quite different than it was thirty years ago.  Families don't live close by as much as they used to, so some children grow up never knowing grandma; some grandparents are raising their grandchildren.  God bless them all.

I'm not a grandmother yet, but I want to be ready.  I already carry gum with me, but I might have to buy more shoes.


Falen said...

My grandpa just turned 78 years old on the 4th. I love my grandparents and it breaks my heart that we live in another state. Thanks for your post that took me on a trip down memory lane. My grandparents always gave out coins too :)

Anonymous said...

This was such a touching remembrance of your Grandparents! It brings back some good memories of my own. Unfortunately I only knew my paternal Grandparents,but it was wonderful having them in my life.
This time of year I think a lot about my family,especially those that are gone. It's nice to be reminded of them.
Happy Easter!

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

Your grandpa is a spring chicken. :-) So glad he is still with you. How funny that coins were a big hit for both of us! My folks love phone calls from the grandkids the best. Staying in touch w/ your grandparents that way might help bridge the distance. Thanks for stopping by!

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

michele, Easter does bring a nostalgia with it, doesn't it? Of those who are gone. I'm glad you had time w/ some of your grandparents...so many people missed out on that. Have a beautiful day! And a restful one...I love a good nap after all the candy. :-)

Karen Jones Gowen said...

What a very nice tribute to your grandparents. Mine have been gone now for many years.

Nice to meet you, Mare, and I hope you're enjoying the Challenge!


Jaime said...

This is a sweet post. My grandma died a year and a half ago and I miss her so much. My grandpa is 89 and hanging in there. It's challenging talking with him over the phone because he can't hear. Plus, I have a soft voice. I have to yell at the top of my lungs to have the smallest chance of him hearing me:) It's hilarious. It's life. Thanks for helping us remember.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

I'm randomly visiting a to z challengers that catch my eye. Nice gravy boat.