Early Easter

I'm eating an Easter egg.  It's a Russell Stover's dark chocolate/raspberry cream egg.  So rich and delicious.

Easter is my favorite holiday (not just because of the creme eggs, although they are a plus.)  Easter is a celebration of an event that gives my life purpose and direction. 

Without a loving Creator who cared enough to come walk the earth as I do and change my self-serving heart...I'd be in pretty sad shape.

Life would just be about getting and keeping and comparing and competing.  Which I do some of anyway (and it doesn't make me happy.)  But, it would be much worse.

Because of the empty tomb, I have a different perspective: God is greater than injustice, greater than suffering, greater than death.  And certainly greater than me and my agenda.

With a God that powerful, nobody is taking Him down.  So, I want to be on His team.

Therefore, I listen to what He tells me is important.  How to best play this game of Life.  Because I want to win. 

That's why Easter is cool.  It reminds me that God wins.


P.S. For last year's take on Easter, click here:  For the Love of His Peeps


Francene Stanley said...

You are indeed lucky. I keep comparing myself to the poor and oppressed. I send my empathy to them every morning in my prayers during meditation.

mare ball said...

Francene, how beautiful that you meditate ad pray for the poor. Christ said they will always be with us. I checked out your blog and agree with you about the eggplant!!

Anonymous said...

Russell Stover's dark chocolate and raspberry cream eggs are a delicious part of Easter! I love all of them actually but raspberry is my favorite. :)

Your post about the true meaning of Easter for you is beautiful and very touching. Thank you for sharing it.

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

I'm with you! Easter is the best. God wins and so do we, if we claim Jesus as savior. Thank you, God, for loving us so much that you made a way for us to be reconciled!