B...B...B...what begins with B?

My favorite B word is BOB. 

That's it.  Just  Bob.   It's a sturdy, practical, down-to-earth name.  Short, easy to spell.  Even if you get it backwards, you're OK.

Everybody knows a Bob.  I'm telling you, everybody.   Even if Bob is hiding behind a Robert or Rob, he's still a Bob at heart.

There was a book written several years ago about all the famous Bobs in the world.  There were all just regular Joes.

Think Rob Petrie from the Dick Van Dyke show.  How cool was he?  Even tripping over the footstool.  Think Bob Newhart, another everyman comedian.  Bob Hope.  Rob Reiner.   Bob Square Pants.

See what I mean?  Cool customers.

And talented.  Robert Duvall.  Bobby Darin (sigh.)  Bob Marley.  Robert Downey Jr. (beats George Clooney.)  The dreamy Sundance Kid, otherwise known as Robert Redford.  Or Hubbell.  Whatever floats your boat.

The latest talent on this list is Bobby Coleman, the wonderful child actor who starred in the movie Martian Child.   He will steal your heart.  As will Bob Cratchet.  Different story, but excellent as well. 

If you enjoy a good read, there's Robert Frost, or Bob Woodward.  If you want to learn to grill a steak, there's Bobby Flay.   

Other notables:  Bobby Kennedy, Bob Dole, Bob the Builder.

One guy didn't really stand up to the name: Baghad Bob, the Iraqi Minister of Mis-information.  Remember him?  He was clearly in denial.  I wonder what he's up to these days.

Bob is such a great name, other entities have claimed it:  Bobby pins, bobby socks, shish-ka-bobs.  Bob White, the bird.

My favorite Bob is the one I married.  He's a hard-working, down-to-earth, regular Joe as well.  He lives up to the name.

And me?  I'm Bobby's Girl.  (Click here for a blast from the past: Marcie Blaine's 1962 Hit)


Anonymous said...

LOL-you're right,everybody DOES know a Bob! It is a good name,and the people who don't live up to it should call themselves something else. :)
I like so many of the Bob's you mentioned-especially Bobby Kennedy, Bob Marley,Bob Newhart,Robert Redford and of course,Bob Cratchett.
I laughed when I read that other entities have claimed the name,like bobby pins,etc.
Bobby's Girl is a cute song!

Anonymous said...

my gym teacher's name is technically bob