Squeaky Clean

Long, long ago, someone declared that cleanliness is next to Godliness.  They probably had access to a soft, fragrant soap, a great exfoliant, and good toilet paper.

I know these things make me feel less buried in the germs of life.    

When it comes to clean, smooth, and smelly-good, here are three products I really love.

1.  Foaming hand soaps 
Foaming soaps are the best.  Much better than the slimy, gels that preceded them.  Although, if I have nothing else, slimy gel is OK.  Add a delicious fragrance to the foam, and I linger a little longer washing my hands.

This past Christmas, I ran across some wonderful smells at Bath and Body Works.  I sniffed my way through the store and decided this was my favorite. 

Iced Gingerbread

This foam smells so delicious and authentic, it's only because I know, I know, I know it's soap that I haven't tasted it. 

During non-holiday season, this is my other favorite fragrance. 

White Citrus

It's orangy and lemony and grapefruity and soft and subtle.  Perfect all year round.  That's why I bought the White Citrus body spray as well. 

2.  Monkey face scrub
I love natural beauty products.  Homemade ones are even better.  I feel powerful and smart knowing what's going on my face.  This is an easy-peasy two-part mixture: 1/2 cup white sugar and 4 teaspoons coconut oil.

Coconut oil looks like this...

It's similar to Crisco, but not whipped.  Surprisingly, it has no odor.  This jar was about $10.  At only 4 teaspoons a batch, this jar will last a long time.  It can be stored on the shelf with other oils and vinegars. 

Two-step directions:  in a microwave-proof bowl, slowly melt the oil in the microwave.  It takes 20 seconds.  Watch it, and remove the bowl the second the oil is liquid.  Stir in the sugar until the mixture looks like powdery snow.

Store in an airtight container on your shower shelf (mine is in a small Tupperware bowl.)  Use as often as you like.  It's a clean, no-pets-were-tested scrub that leaves your skin soft and smooth. It will not make you look like a monkey.   

3.  Cottonelle toilet paper
We've all been to restaurants, hotels, airports, and hospitals that have toilet paper as thin as tissue paper, or as stiff as cardboard.  It's not pleasant.

Cottonelle is thicker, but pliable.  Close-up, it looks like carpet.

It has little rows of tiny, puffy air pockets.  Who knew.  This creates softness and better absorbency. 

I have just a few products I don't veer from.  Cottonelle is one of them.  Even if I have a coupon for another brand, I don't buy any other toilet paper.  I think this makes me a toilet paper snob.

And I'm OK with that.

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