I am riveted by striking photographs.  Clear, crisp pictures that draw you in.  Where the color is vivid, and the subjects are beautiful.   You find yourself creating a story about that moment in time.   Those kind of pictures.

I especially like a vintage look...the 1920's, the 1940's, World War II era shots. 

I was made aware of a photographer this week named Laura Yang who took this picture.

I love it.   The mossy tree, the dripping tendrils, the suspenders, his contented grin.

What's their story?  Are they married, or having an affair?  Are they on their own property, or that of a rich relative?  She looks like a dancer in the USO.  He's an accountant.  Or maybe a hit man.

The mystery.

I just keep looking at it.

Then I saw this picture.

The crimson lips and nails.  The sculpted poodles.  The pin curls.  I want to know this story.  Do these women own the dogs?  Or did they find them?

Where's Mr. Suspenders?  

Where did Ms. Red Sweater get those strappy pumps?

This is a gifted photographer.  Check out her work at  LAURA YANG.  She resides in Ormond Beach, Florida.

I hear there are more pictures soon to be displayed of Ms. Tendrils and Mr. Suspenders.   More details might be revealed about their story. 

I'll keep you posted.

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Julie @ Read Handed said...

Mrs. Ball: Payless Shoes about four years ago. <3 Ms. Red Sweater ;)