December 2

Day two of my "write every day for a month" project.

Today's events.  Prepare yourself.

1.  I went to the gym and, while on the treadmill, watched the TODAY show.  Bobby Flay judged a meatball contest.   I also watched the story of the original Rin-Tin-Tin dog.   I learn so much while trying to burn fat. 

2.  I got a Krispy Kreme donut on the way home. 

3.  Gave Pops a buzzy haircut.

4.  Spent twenty minutes helping Mom find a missing $100 check.   It was in her wallet.

5.  Did some Christmas shopping with my daughter.  With coupons, we got two nice sweatshirts and a Godiva chocolate bar for a total of eight dollars.  Yay Kohls! 

6.  We went to the craft store and got some art supplies, the coolest of which is this art supplies bag.

It has pockets galore for paints and brushes and utensils and chocolate bars.

This is part of our daughter's December 2 page in her "paint every day for a month" book.

She'll fill in the squares with things she's grateful for, like Kohls coupons and Krispy Kreme donuts.

7.  I pulled the clothes in off the line just before it sprinkled.   I feel like I outsmart the weather when this happens.

8.  I dozed off while checking facebook.  

9.  My friend called me to say that, after her ultrasound, it was determined that her suspicious breast lump is nothing.   This news beats the art bag and non-rained-on clothes. 

Every day, big things put little things in perspective.

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Anonymous said...

Like Sara's attitude of gratitude!

Glad to hear your friend got good news from the doctor.

Time to celebrate with ... a Krispy Kreme?