12 for 12

A family in our church has been on my mind this week.

The father, David, was in a diving accident a few years ago and broke his neck.   He is now a quadriplegic.  He has a wife, Joanna, and three daughters.

Financially, they have struggled since the accident.   When the bread winner is sidelined, the bread significantly diminishes.

In spite of this tragedy, this family remains solid in their faith.  David and Joanna are gracious and hopeful. 

Many members of our church help this family when they can.  My daughter is dropping off Christmas groceries as I write this.

What Joanna and David are looking for currently is a new house.  With the special equipment David needs, and three growing girls, they have outgrown their home.

I can't get them a house (although I'm looking into the Extreme Home Makeover criteria), but I can do something.  So, I'm creating "12 Dollars for 12 Days," and asking you to consider participating.  

In keeping with the 12 Days of Christmas theme, I'm inviting you to donate 12 dollars to the Humes family (December 20 - December 31.) There is work being done to establish a foundation for David Humes, but in the meantime, you can send a check to our church, earmarked for David Humes.  Info. below.

A few days before Christmas....it's the worst time to ask for money, I know.  But, I watched this three-minute video on David this afternoon: David Humes I was reminded again how much I have.   Additional giving around the holidays is sacrificial, and God honors that.

I imagined myself in Joanna's place.  I would have to depend on much generosity from others.   It would be humbling and difficult and scary, and God would have to help me.

But, He would.  Mainly, through other people.

That's how God works.   

Click on the link above and meet the Humes family.   Our pastor is featured as well. 

Then...think about it.  Pray about it.  And see if you would really miss 12 dollars (you can certainly donate more, if you feel called to.)

No obligation here.  God loves a cheerful giver.  I'm just sharing what is pressing on my heart today. 

Send checks (made out to Joanna Humes) to:

Father Tobin for David Humes
Ascension Catholic Church
2950 N. Harbor City Blvd
Melbourne, FL   32935

Thanks for reading.

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