Halloween is a great time to play with sticky, gooey, scary treats.  Last year, I made severed finger cookies.

Knobby-digit sugar cookies with blood-red, sliced-almond fingernails.  They were a hit with the senior citizens at Southland. 

This year, I spotted these in the grocery store, and my mind veered in another direction.

Campfires.  Musty tents, damp sleeping bags, ants in your pants, and mosquito bites.

Roasted marshmallows and melting chocolate. 

So, for dessert the other night, we made S'mores.  With marshmallows the size of lemons.

Our campfire was the microwave. 

This is how it unfolded.  Or un-blobbed. 

Good grief.

At this point, this S'more looked more like a fried egg, so I drizzled chocolate syrup over it to remind us that it was dessert, not breakfast.

It was impossible to eat Jumbo S'more with fingers only, so we used forks.  

This served three people.  Sweet, stretchy goodness.   Clearly, we need bigger graham crackers.  Maybe a graham cracker pie crust.

I thought about making a batch of Rice Krispy treats with these jumbo puffs.  I'll probably need only 4 marshmallows.

It might take us a while to empty this bag.

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