CRACKER JACK Prize Winner!

Shock of all shocks.

The winner (all 5 answers correct) of the "Fancy-pants Giveaway" is my BROTHER.

The ex-clown.  Who doesn't even know what Coldwater Creek is.   Who doesn't even have a CC store nearby.



So I called him and told him he won the CC coupons.  He laughed.  Howled, really.

I asked him if he really wanted the coupons, explained that they were for a women's clothing store. 

So happens, he's going to be in Florida for work in about two weeks (staying with us), and he thought, if he won, he'd stop by our store here and pick out something for his wife.  

His wife wasn't thrilled with that idea.  What husband ever hits a home run when he picks out clothes for his wife?  Smart woman, my sister-in-law. 

So, I offered my brother something else.  I mean, he did win, fair and square.  I suggested something he might actually enjoy.  Dinner at Hurricane Grill (our favorite fish joint), or his favorite home-baked dessert.  He snapped up the fish dinner.

Food really is the way to a man's heart.   The CC coupons were dumped immediately.   He's an amiable guy, the ex-clown. 

SO.....I moved on to the next winner.  Who is Mari from Virginia (4 answers correct and first to respond).  Yay Mari!  I'll pop those coupons in the mail today.  Hope you find something wonderful.

The answers to the quiz:

1. As of the date the quiz was posted, I had NOT chopped up any mangoes.  I was too chicken.  However, just yesterday, I took the plunge and diced up a fat mango from the grocery store.  It was not as juicy or as huge as the ones that gave me trouble, but it had pretty much the same yummy factor.  

I ate the whole thing.  Then I scrubbed up to my elbows like a surgeon.  Twice.

So far, so good.

2.  My mom's back procedure was a kyphoplasty.  Which sounds nothing like what it is.   What the heck is a kypho?  I don't know, but it got plasted. 

3.  My thrift shop excursion cost me $16.42.  Everybody got this right.  My brother thought this was actually high for thrift shop shopping.   However, we've already determined that he knows nothing about women's clothes.

4.  My dear husband has been tending to my sweet rose bush. Quietly, he waters and fertilizes, and just recently told me that the thing thrives because he takes care of it.  I never knew this.  I really should pay attention to what goes on around here.

5.  Favorite TV show...

When Home Improvement, The X-files, MacGyver, and Lost were still running, they were all my favorite shows at the time they ran.   I would watch any of these today, if I could find them on re-runs.

However, Lost has stayed with me, where the others have faded a bit.  The writing was so innovative, the characters so interesting.  Several episodes moved me to tears.  Good writing does that to you.  You just don't get that with Jersey Shore.  

There you have it.  Thanks for playing!  All five of you.  You now know more about my life than you probably want to. 

(p.s. does anybody have any Hurricane Grill coupons they want to unload?)


Mary said...

That was fun, but I hope we can find some coupons so no one has to put any $$$out!

Anonymous said...

What a treat to win a contest! And the ultimate prize was much better than expected - a fish dinner at Hurricane Grill. CC probably didn't have my color or size anyway. Hopefully Mari will find something suitable. So the odds of winning were actually 2 in 5 (40%). Be sure to play next time!