Another four-day stint in the hospital this week. 

On Saturday, Dad woke up feeling weak, had some chest pain, and his blood pressure was high.  Even after his morning meds, the pressure remained high.

The EMTs took him to the ER, where his blood pressure stabilized shortly thereafter.  The chest pain did not return, but Dad just didn't feel well.

So he received a plastic bracelet, a backless gown, and a pair of fuzzy, non-slip socks.  And some nurses to dote on him for a few days.

Luckily, all tests were normal, and after four days, Dad was released with two medication adjustments.

Here he is, back at the ranch, with his bride of 61 years.

Hospital stays wear him out, because he doesn't sleep well there, and the muscles become lazy, so he came home in a four-wheeled chariot.   

He's not up to mowing the back 40, but with PT should return to his bingo activities soon.

He departed for the hospital on Mom's 91st birthday.  "Happy birthday, Janey," he said as they rolled him away.

Mom got along fine on her own and enjoyed watching her roses from Dad open while he was gone.

She is doing well working that unhumorous humerus in OT, and is now using her walker to get to the dining room. 

That's a good thing, because with two wheelchairs and two walkers in the room, we have traffic jams now and then. 

I'm going to give them both a buck and a smooch if we can get through July with no more mishaps.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that everything turned out well for your dad. I love that picture of your dad and mom - Something about it oozes forever love :)