Home Again, Home again, Jiggety Jig

Mom is back home with her hubby today!

This is the sign I posted on their apartment door. 

Mom was in the hospital or rehab for three months.   That's as long as a season.

Here in Florida, it was early Spring when she fell and snapped the head off her humerus bone.  Dad calls that her "spring break."   Literally.   It's now 95 degrees and Summer has settled in.  

But, like other students this time of year, Mom graduated this week.  She got a diploma and everything.

Oh happy day! 

Mom will continue therapy on an outpatient basis and is expected to do well.  Her "numbers" are stable.

We're all so grateful for Mom's caretakers over this time, all the nurses and CNAs, and the wonderful Dr. R., who has been so patient with all of us.   I suspect, at times, we drove him crazy.

Here's the happy graduate with her case worker and one of her nurses.

I hope she's not thinking about graduate school.  :-)

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PhD, perhaps.